Materially Challenged

A materials, minerals and mining quiz by the Student & Early Career Group.


The quiz will run for 30 minutes in a simple format of 10 points per correct answer given.


- Individual and team entries accepted (teams of up to 3 people should be in the same room, observing social distancing guidelines).

- The entry with the most points at the end of the quiz wins.

- In the event of a tie, a 'sudden death' round will be held.

- The quiz master's decision is final.


17:30 - Welcome & introductions

17:40 - Quiz

18:30 - Networking/Discussion with SECC members

19:00 - Results


The Student & Early Career Group represents the views of student, younger and early career members to the Institute's Executive Boards and Advisory Council. We aim to represent the diverse range of members by ensuring Council representatives cover the different disciplines, regions and career pathways of student and early career members.