IOM3/AusIMM webinar series: burners design and operation, hot stuff for hot processes

AusIMM's Metallurgical Society in collaboration with IOM3 would like to invite you to the upcoming webinar presentation by Dr Alexandra Anderson.

About this event

Burners are critical for the operation of many metallurgical processes. Both standby and duty burners require careful design in order to function effectively.

This webinar will teach participants the major types of burners available for use in metallurgical processes, the selection and control of flame shapes, the control systems required and the interactions between the flame and the material within the furnace.

The webinar will provide participants an insight into the fundamentals of burner design and how this is applied to design successful processes.


Dr Alexandra Anderson

Dr Anderson is a metallurgist, specialising in CFD and burner engineering. She received a PhD in Extractive Metallurgy from the Colorado School of Mines in the United States of America. She has extensive experience in the CFD modelling of the gas space of reverberatory furnaces, where burner design and operating is critical for a successful process. She has redesigned and modified a number of high power burners, leading to significant production improvements in metallurgical plants.

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