Nickel Laterite Heap Leaching – Low Carbon Nickel for the Low Carbon Future


IOM3 in collaboration with AusIMM's Metallurgical Society would like to invite you to the upcoming webinar presentation by Anne Oxley.

About this event

Nickel laterite heap leaching is simple, flexible, low cost and lower carbon footprint than other hydrometallurgical processing of laterites and is now ready to unlock the many known, but to date, uncommercial nickel laterite projects. Brazilian Nickel’s Piauí Nickel Project (PNP) is set to be the first.

Brazilian Nickel’s PNP will produce nickel and cobalt intermediate products as feeds for battery cathodes using its optimized heap leaching process. With demand for nickel and cobalt in for these cathodes in battery electric vehicles set to soar over the next decade to reduce emissions and improve our environment, mining nickel and cobalt in the most responsible, environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible is very important.

Heap leaching is an inherently low carbon footprint process and BRN is also looking at innovative ways to further reduce the project’s CO2 emissions, with the ultimate vision of being carbon neutral or even carbon negative.

This webinar will discuss nickel laterite heap leaching, the Piaui Nickel Project’s current status and some of the carbon capture innovation work currently in development.