• Audience voting

    Buying into energy generation

    Materials World magazine
    Seven power generation technologies ‘bid’ for hypothetical funding from UK organisations at an event that followed the format of UK TV programme Dragon’s Den. The exercise enabled speakers from the marine, fossil, offshore wind, nuclear, biomass/waste, fuel cell and solar photovoltaic (PV) industries to present their business cases in support of materials R&D in the hope of influencing future strategy.
  • Climate Change Agreement for the Plastics Sector

    The Polymer Society
    The British Plastics Federation is in the final stages of entering into a Climate Change Agreement for the Plastics Sector with the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
  • One example of a working energy from waste plant in the UK is the distributed energy scheme in Sheffield, UK.

    Energy from biomass and waste

    Materials World magazine
    Biomass and biofuels have received a great deal of science, engineering and media attention, and the debate surrounding the sustainability of these fuel sources is ongoing. Professor John Oakey, Head of the Energy Technology Centre at Cranfield University, UK, reports on the Institute’s Energy from Biomass and Waste conference, held on 11 March in London, UK.
  • High velocity forming of fuel cell plates

    Materials World magazine
    A production process, based on high velocity metal forming, can manufacture fuel cell bipolar plates in a fraction of the time normally required, according to a technology firm in the USA. This could also make fuel cell production cheaper.
  • A computer model of the composite point absorber’s cone/cylinder/cone geometry

    Survival of the fittest in wave energy

    Materials World magazine
    Engineers at the University of Ghent, Belgium, are working on glass fibre/polyester floating point absorbers for wave energy conversion. They are designed to stay at sea for 20 years, surviving extreme offshore weather conditions.
  • IOM3 2009 Award and Prize winners announced

    The recipients of the 2009 Institute Awards and Prizes have been decided. The premier award winners will receive their awards at a ceremony on 7 July.
  • Special issue on developments in superalloys

    Materials Science & Technology Division
    The February 2009 issue of Materials Science and Technology contains the proceedings of the symposium on Developments in superallys held in memory of the late Professor Malcolm McLean.
  • Nuclear fusion takes materials to the extreme

    Materials World magazine
    As fusion power becomes more of a reality, scientists at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority are working against the clock to develop materials that can handle its extreme conditions.
  • Ionic liquids for carbon capture

    Materials World magazine
    Ionic liquids could boost the efficiency of removing impurities from natural gas and have potential for capturing carbon from coal-fired plants, say researchers at a US university spin-out company.
  • The Hanson EcoHouse, on display at the Building Research Establishment in Watford, UK. It offers a 44% improvement in energy sustainability over 2006 building standards

    Steps for zero carbon homes

    Clay Technology magazine
    Plans for all new UK homes to be zero carbon from 2016 must be reviewed in light of the current economic situation, according to the UK Federation of Master Builders.