Centenary conference of the Cornish Institute of Engineers














In celebration of one hundred years of the Cornish Institute of Engineers, a one-day mini-conference took place on Friday October 11th 2013 at the Heartlands centre at Pool, near Camborne, the historic centre of hard rock mining. Founded in 1913 by mine managers and engineers in Cornwall, the Institute has always been closely associated with the Cornish mining tradition and the theme of this event was to highlight a few of the many and varied specialised mining-related commercial activities that currently have a presence in the county, some being small locally-based businesses with global reach and some linked with companies elsewhere. The close hundred-year association of the Institute with the Camborne School of Mines quickly became clear, as the founders had met in the original Mining School building in Camborne and the companies presenting here a century later were all either founded by or employing CSM people. 

Around a hundred and fifty people gathered to hear the presentations by these Cornwall-based companies providing products and services to the worldwide mining industry, with the current President of the Institute, Dr Patrick Foster of the Camborne School of Mines, acting as master of ceremonies.  The event displayed how, despite the lower level of actual extractive activity locally, a significant cluster of innovative, entrepreneurial companies is based in the county, bringing revenue into the local economy.  It demonstrated that any mining enterprise anywhere in the world would do well to look to Cornwall for suppliers of leading-edge products.


The following speakers took part:

STEVE WILSON                                  Paterson & Cooke Ltd

Cornwall-based firm leads developments in mine waste management


KIM-MARIE CLOTHIER                        North Coast Consulting Ltd


Environmental & social capacity building for mining operations overseas


NIGEL McDONALD                              SGS Minerals Services UK Ltd

Process plant technical risk mitigation & CAPEX/OPEX cost optimisation


JAMES JOBLING-PURSER                    3D Mine Surveying International Ltd

Laser scanning for optimising mine planning, development & production


TOM CLIFFORD                                  Riventa Ltd


Improving the efficiency of mine pumping & ventilation

NICK WILSHAW                                 Grinding Solutions Ltd                   

The future is small

GARETH KENNEDY                             Kennedy Networks Ltd

Accurate tracking & positioning in underground mines

NICK WILLIAMS                                Williams Mine Electrical

Electrical demand reduction & response strategies for underground mining


PETER WHITBREAD-ABRUTAT             Wardell Armstrong International

Cornish mining matters


CHE OSMOND                                   Micon International


The JORC code 2012


PAUL FOSTER                                    Applied Geo-environmental Solutions AGS

Mining legacy & problems posed to developers


SARAH MARKS                                   Geoscience Ltd


Drilling optimisation using a real-time support service based in Cornwall



The presentations spanned the whole mining process, from the economic and social planning and the codes and principles governing modern projects through state-of-the-art use of laser surveying, underground tracking of people and vehicles, electrical demand management, the efficiency of pumps and ventilation fans, ore grinding and processing through to dealing with waste tailings and the physical and social legacies of mining.  There was also a fascinating insight into real-time remote services provided to the oil industry.














Conference Venue:      



Robinson's Shaft
Dudnance Lane, Pool
Redruth, Cornwall
TR15 3QY
Registered charity: 1142215




pdf files of some of the presentation material from this event are available below. Some modifications may have been made for commercial reasons.