• Material Marvels: Climbing high

    The Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates, stands as an impressive feat of architecture and engineering, comprising meticulous structural design, as Ellis Davies reports.
  • Materials Marvels: A strategic waterway

    A major part of global trade routes, the Panama Canal celebrated its centenary in 2014. However, the first attempt to build the canal failed. Kathryn Allen examines how the waterway, nevertheless, became a vital access point.
  • Fox Marble – standing tall in Kosovo

    Chris Gilbert, CEO at Fox Marble, a UK-based quarrying, stone processing and dimension stone company, speaks to Gary Peters about his career in the record business and entertainment industry, and the potential of developing Kosovo’s unexploited natural resources.
  • Brick for all

    From central London developments to 13 th -century Gothic buildings in Spain, there’s a host of brick uses to fit all tastes, as The Brick Development Association’s (BDA) Tom Farmer and Gary Peters discover.
  • Q&A – Tom Reynolds

    The British Ceramic Confederation (BCC) has outlined concerns about the dumping of cheap goods in the UK. Tom Reynolds*, BCC Commercial & Public Affairs Director, talks to Gary Peters about the need for a level playing field and a comprehensive trade deal post-Brexit.
  • A new direction for the cement industry

    Mark Tyrer, Christopher Cheeseman, Alan Maries, and John Provis* look at the history of the cement industry and how it can reduce its CO2 footprint.
  • Q&A – Nigel Clamp

    When it comes to health and safety, Nigel Clamp, Health and Safety Director Africa & Eastern Mediterranean Basin at Heidelberg cement, has seen it all. Here, he talks to Gary Peters about his varied career and his role looking after people in 20 countries.
  • Material Marvels: The bended brain clinic

    Only in Las Vegas, USA, could you get a brain clinic that has an alter ego as an events venue, the Lou Ruvo Clinic for Brain Health. Ines Nastali investigates the materials used to build the hospital with a twist.
  • A more natural future for the construction industry

    Mike Lawrence, who has spent 12 years working in the field of natural building materials, examines why there is growing interest in plant-based alternatives in the construction industry.
  • Organic waste – a new resource?

    Guglielmo Carra, who leads Arup’s Materials Consulting team in Europe, tells Gary Peters why organic waste should be used as a vital resource in the future.