• Refining refractory materials

    Materials World magazine
    Improving the oxidation resistance of carbon-containing refractory bricks and the wettability of castables is the focus of research at the University of Sheffield, UK. This could enhance furnace lining life and performance to benefit the metallurgical processing industries.
  • CPD events at the Surface Design Show

    Two materials-related CPD events will take place during the Surface Design Show 2010 in London, UK: Future Intelligence in Material Application, and Sustainable Concretes and Surface Innovation.
  • Washing hands

    Soaking up savings - water efficiency

    Materials World magazine
    Water-efficient technology has vast potential and the associated tax relief can help manufacturers boost their bottom line. Water specialist Claire Sweeney, at UK sustainable business programme Envirowise, reports
  • Counting carbon

    Materials World magazine
    The UK Carbon Reduction Commitment kicks in from April 2010. Alessandra McConville, Environmental Programmes Leader at EEF, the manufacturer’s organisation, provides guidance on the process of compliance.
  • Sunflower Silhouette

    Sustainability conference - have your say!

    The Sustainability Conference Committee invites you to get involved in the planning of the event!
  • A builder at work

    Under construction – the UK Government's plans for a new Advisor

    Clay Technology magazine
    The UK Government recently announced its plans to appoint a Chief Construction Advisor (CCA). Gary Price asked key representatives from the sector what they want the CCA to achieve.
  • UK contestant wins World Lecture Competition

    Rochelle O’Hara from Queens University, Northern Ireland, has won this year's Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition with a presentation covering the development of an injectable medical material for spinal repair.
  • Conference survey needs your input

    As part of the Institute's continuing commitment to provide the best services and products possible, IOM3 is inviting you to participate in a survey on conferences.
  • Government and industry launch progress report on strategy for sustainable construction

    As part of the Progress Report on the Strategy for Sustainable Construction the Government and industry have revealed the achievements made so far on their commitments to change radically the way the UK construction industry designs and builds.
  • Government announces Low Carbon Review of the Construction Industry

    At the meeting of the Strategic Forum for Construction, Peter Mandelson announced that he was commissioning a review of the construction industry to ensure it was "fit for purpose" for delivering a low carbon future.