New Access Capabilities for Members

Applied Earth Science Division
6 Dec 2016

Management of our journal publishing activity changed in the middle of 2015 as the business of Maney Ltd was acquired by Taylor & Francis Group, an important and significant business within the global technology publishing arena.

The publishing activity of IOM3 has been seamlessly transferred to Taylor & Francis stewardship, and during the last year, this change of ownership has provided new opportunities both for IOM3 and its members. The new relationship is working well, and by the start of 2017, will deliver a major change to electronic journal access. Effectively, all IOM3 members, at all grades, will have access to almost 80 additional journal titles in the Taylor & Francis materials science collection, providing a threefold increase in available journal content. New specific areas of coverage will include nanotechnology, biomaterials and adhesion, together with a much broader range of titles for minerals, wood, surface engineering and other materials disciplines.

Members will continue to have full electronic access to the IOM3 portfolio of journals. In addition, members will also be able to purchase books published by CRC Press (the books division of the Taylor & Francis Group) at a special discounted rate.

The new access capabilities will be embodied within individual members’ subscription fee and will be accessible via the IOM3 website. The secure members-only publications area of the IOM3 website will be developed during the latter part of 2016 and wider electronic journal access and books discount launched by the start of 2017.