Area Plans set out a strategic approach to maximising economic recovery of oil and gas in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS)

Oil & Gas Division
8 Aug 2017

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has  published guidance (pdf 221k) on the use of Area Plans to help improve industry collaboration and maximise economic recovery of oil and gas.

An Area Plan, which consists of a number of principles set out in a stage gate framework, describes how economic recovery should be maximised in a particular geographical area of the UKCS, based on the analysis of evidence. Area Plans vary in magnitude, scale and complexity and in some cases can be integrated with other Area Plans to develop a regional strategy.

The new guidance has been developed to aid the industry’s understanding of their responsibilities for developing Area Plans and help improve collaboration across the UKCS.

OGA Operations Director Gunther Newcombe said:

“The OGA is working closely with operators, licence holders and other interested parties to develop Area Plans that integrate exploration, development, production, late-life planning and decommissioning. This should ensure the optimum use of infrastructure, extend the life of hubs, and maximise economic recovery”.