Past Events from the Manchester Polymer Group

19 September 2013:  Plastics - Meeting and Adapting to Sustainability Challenges – but is it enough?

Stuart Patrick, Chair The Polymer Society of IOM3 - download the presentation (PDF, 2.2mb).

15 January 2015: Lean in the process Industry - "It's not just about cars!!

Nick Brandwood of the Manufacturing Advisory Service - download the presentation (pptx 0.962mb)

20 April 2015: Rubber a Resilient Future Part 2 - Compounding to Meet Engineering Challenges - MPG Rubber Seminar

Download all 10 presentations (zip 19.9 mb)

23 November 2015: Can Plastics be environmentally acceptable and provide engineering solutions? - MPG Plastics Seminar

Download all 12 presentations (zip 24.1mb)

16 May 2016: Rubber a Resilient Future Part 4 - “Rubbers & Elastomers in Extreme Environments” - MPG Rubber Seminar

Download the individual presentations below


28 November 2016: Plastics – The Future, Updates and Recent Developments - MPG Plastics Seminar 

Download the individual presentations below​


15 May 2017: Rubber and Elastomers – sustainably meeting tomorrow’s challenges - MPG Rubber Seminar 

Download the individual presentations below​