Wood Technology & Timber - Crossword

The Wood Technology Society
17 Dec 2019

With the kind permission of Materials World magazine, we specially reprint the December 2019 crossword, themed Wood Technology & Timber. 

1 Wood has an extremely good performance, in relation to this material property (4,10)
8 This used to be called wood waste - before the days of biomass boilers (7)
9 This describes wood which has had a longitudinal slot or groove cut into it (7)
11 Growth rings in Temperate timbers are this (6)
12 Mechanical device for cutting logs into firewood (4,3)
15 Chemicals found in the heartwood of many species of timber (11)
17 Man’s or woman’s name (abbrev.) (3)
18 South American hardwood Tabebuia serratifolia (3)
19 Forest type that is neither Temperate, nor fully in the Torrid Zone (11)
22 To dye wood a very dark tone, in order to simulate Diospyrus spp. (7)
23 The species name for the Wych Elm (6)
26 Skilled musician who might play something made by 5 Down (7)
28 Relating to the wood-cell cavity (7)
29 Wood needs this type of chemical treatment in in order to minimise surface fire spread (5,9)

1 Equipment used for assessing 1 Across in timber, to meet BS 476: Part 8 (7)
2 Exudate from many softwoods: formerly used to produce turpentine (5)
3 The species of Monterey Pine (7)
4 The trunk of a tree (4)
5 Famous maker of wooden instruments, world-renowned for their wonderful sound quality (10)
6 Shady places in gardens, formed by the foliage of trees or shrubs (7)
7 A type of engineered timber, known in France as Bois lamelle croisee (init.) (3)
10 Timber connector, usually made from wood (5)
13 Small tree in the genus Rhus (5)
14 This may be a joinery item with an upper and lower leaf that open separately, or perhaps it’s a joinery item made of small movement category timber (6,4)
16 A body fitness system based on martial arts (3-2)
18 An engineered wood component, often having LVL flanges and an OSB web (1-4)
19 Timber from which the Ark of the Covenant was made: now called Acacia in the Revised Standard Version of the Bible (7)
20 Wood is made from natural versions of this type of long-chain chemical (7)
21 A paper brochure - or a small bit of foliage (7)
24 First part of the name of the timber Amblygonocarpus andongensis, whose second part is Wanga (5)
25 Method of sawing wood in the tangential direction (4)
27 Slippery fish (3)