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Surface Engineering Division
29 May 2014

Surface Engineering  Volume: 30, Number: 6 (June 2014) Has been published.This is the second part in a two-part special issue on cold spraying. IOM3 members can see the content by logging on and clicking here.
The table of contents is below:

Cold spray coating: review of material systems and future perspectives
A. Moridi,, S. M. Hassani-Gangaraj,, M. Guagliano* and M. Dao

Mainstreaming cold spray – push for applications
V. K. Champagne and D. J. Helfritch*

Cold spray coating process for corrosion protection: a review
N. Bala*, H. Singh, J. Karthikeyan and S. Prakash

Chlorine based hot corrosion study of cold sprayed NiCrAlY coating
S. B. S. Kalsi*, T. S. Sidhu and H. Singh

Significant influence of carrier gas temperature during the cold spray process
S. Yin,, X. Suo, H. Liao, Z. Guo* and X. Wang

Analysis of single spray beads prepared using low-pressure cold spraying
Heli Koivuluoto* and Petri Vuoristo