• New sports design degree

    Materials World magazine
    The London Metropolitan Polymer Centre, UK, has launched a new undergraduate degree programme in Sports Product Design, intended to give materials students the skills and knowledge to design sports products of the future.
  • Emulating the beetle’s water harvesting capabilities

    Materials World magazine
    Research into emulating the Stenocara beetle’s water harvesting capabilities is ongoing at MIT in the USA, in order to develop a material for potential applications harvesting water, open-air microfluidic channels and controlled drug release coatings. The wings on the beetle's back are patterned with superhydrophillic bumps on a waxy superhydrophobic background.
  • PowdermatriX network expands

    Materials World magazine
    The PowdermatriX Faraday Partnership, a node of the Materials KTN, has built an effective network of over 200 organisations for particulate engineering in three years. While focused on the advanced ceramic, powder metal, hard metal and magnetics industries, the network has attracted a wider range of sectors including pharmaceuticals and food. Stuart MacLachlan reports on its success.
  • Dow Corning scientist awarded the 2001 de Bruyne medal

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    Dr. Michael J Owen of Dow Corning in Michigan in the United States of America is the 2001 recipient of the de Bruyne medal.