1 May 2024
by Alex Brinded

G20 nations' environmental footprint found wanting

Sixteen of the G20 nations are forecast to have a negative impact on the environment by 2050, according to a University of Sheffield, UK, study.

Of all the G20 nations, the Sheffield study forecasts Brazil to have the most positive ecological footprint per capita by 2050 © Agustin Diaz Gargiulo / Unsplash

This is the first study to forecast the ecological footprint of all G20 nations over the next 30 years, say the researchers.

Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Russia are predicted to have positve impacts, while the UK and 15 other countries are said to be on course for a negative ecological footprint.

Despite this, the researchers say the UK will have the greatest carbon emissions reduction of all the G20.

Their method - outlined in Forecasting the ecological footprint of G20 countries in the next 30 years for predicting ecological footprints could help more accurate assessments on the impact of policies that affect the environment.

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Alex Brinded

Staff Writer