Starpack Industry Awards 2016 - Advice / How to Enter

The 2017 Starpack Industry Awards entry categories and deadline dates will be announced in late 2016

Who should enter?

Starpack is open to the whole packaging community, whether a manufacturer, converter, supplier, processor, packer filler, brand owner, end user, packaging designer or marketeer.

All packs must be in commercial production and must not have previously won a Starpack Award. 

All packs must be on sale and new to the market.

We are here to award outstanding achievements so enter now and get yourself recognised!


Key considerations

Name of Entry

Please give this some thought as all winning entries will be referred to by this name on certificates, publicity materials and during the awards ceremony.


What is it about your pack that you wish to draw the judges attention to?

Please make this crystal clear (maximum of 30 words)

The judges will be looking for innovation and creative ideas and what they need you to do, in thirty words or less, is draw their attention to what is special about your development.

When writing make it as clear as possible - be specific about what it is you are entering and why it is special. For example, a few, hard-hitting bullet points on the structure, closure, materials technology, graphics or whatever is special and different about your pack will grab the judge's interest amongst the many entries they are looking at - make yours stand out!

You have the opportunity to explain more (in 500 words) in a later section, but hook the judges first!

Also, make sure that your description is relevant to the category that you are entering for example, the judges aren't looking to measure sustainability credentials in "Luxury" or graphics in the "Transit" category, so keep focussed on what they'll be looking for.

To help your thinking, here is a brief guide on the criteria

Fit for purpose - does it protect, preserve and dispense and meet every need. Does it work in production, successfully transit through the supply chain, and does it display and communicate well
Sustainability - the environmental impact is relevant to just about every development and is a relevant consideration in production and supply chain as much as the materials and construction themselves

Graphics and Design - This can be subjective - so the important measure is how the graphics support the marketing and communication aspects, or how print or other technology enhances or delivers something different
Innovation - an overly used term! What is it about your idea that takes technology, function or form forward and is truly breaking new ground
Overall Impact - simply, what is it about your pack that makes it stand out from the competition
Cost of goods - Is the idea viable from production through to shelf and is there a financial impact story to tell - did this new idea save cost in a redesign and what rigours did it have to surpass to do it

The online submission process will take you through the following steps:

  1. Registration of your unique email address; unless already known to our system.
  2. Entry/confirmation of your contact details
  3. Select category
  4. Enter details of pack
  5. Up to 2 digital images (resolution 300 dpi and ideally 6cm x 5cm) in jpeg format, maximum file size 2 MB.
  6. Proceed to payment or select a further entry/entries before payment is made (via secure link) 

You may enter a pack into more than one category; there will be an additional payment of £85 per additional category.

Advisable: Prepare your statement and justification in a word document so it is ready to copy and paste into the online submission form.

Additional guidance

Technical developments, which either provide optimisation of material usage or new developments that demonstrate environmental and commercial advantages, will be rewarded.   Entries should take each link in the packaging supply chain into consideration. Packs or systems should protect products from the rigours of production facilities through distribution, in-store, consumer use and final disposal.

Designs may include material optimisation, use of recycled content, enhanced recyclability, new and innovative materials; closed loop, reuse, refill and dispensing systems; and packaging that delivers optimal product usage.

Entrants should demonstrate holistic design solutions that lead to net reductions in packaging food waste while ensuring that the product is sufficiently protected. Consideration should be given to primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

Free IOM3 membership

Entrants for the Starpack Industry Awards will receive free e-membership of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) for up to 10 nominated individuals within your company. To register please contact Ian Bowbrick, email Free e-membership is for the remainder of the current year and continued membership thereafter, will be subject to payment. 

Full details of IOM3 membership