Webinar – Elastomer use in Electric Vehicles

3 Jul 2020

This event is still going a head but will become an online discussion meeting in light of the Covid-19 imposed travel and social distancing restrictions. There has been a change of date by one week so that the meeting can align with the organisation of the London Climate Action Week.

This afternoon technical discussion meeting (ATDM) will examine the use of elastomers when used with electric powered vehicles. It will include a discussion of the different properties that are now required as well as the changes to design of rubber components that are used in suspension systems, drive-train and energy storage.

13:30 Introduction - Prof James Busfield (QMUL)

Elastomer requirements for electric vehicles - Ludovica Caliano (presenter) & Aranzazu Guisuraga - (Exxon Butyl Polymers, Belgium)

The European Green Deal to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050 is creating interesting challenges for elastomer materials. This talk will explore how butyl materials are being developed for the emerging new requirements demanded by electric vehicals. Two examples of elastomers that have been developed will be explored. 

Challenges Associated with Mounting System Design for EV Applications - Marco Poggi & Matt Maunder - (Ricardo, UK)

Ricardo has extensive experience of powertrain mounting systems for internal combustion engines. This has been extended to build a process to optimise powertrain mounting systems for electric vehicles, which focus on prioritising modal tuning and torque reaction capability, account for flexible powertrain behaviour, whilst deemphasising the isolation of torque recoil vibrations.

Using Carbon Black to Meet the Design Challenges of EV Applications - Lewis Tunnicliffe & Joe Hallett (presenter) - (Birla Carbon, USA & UK)

The drive to improve vehicle efficiency and the move to electrification has created new challenges for suppliers of elastomeric components to the automotive industry. Light-weighting has increased galvanic corrosion due to the move to Magnesium and Aluminium alloys and electrification has changed the NVH requirements. This talk will be address both challenges and identify potential solutions.

Digital Twin Prototype and Concept for EV Mount Integrity Monitoring - Will Mars - (Endurica, USA)

Advances in sensing and computing technology generate an opportunity to track the structural integrity of elastomer mounts in service with application to EV maintenance and diagnostics. This talk will demonstrate, using a live demo, how elastomer products with real lifetime strain histories, material nonlinearities, updated fatigue states can be modelled in real time.

15:45 Event Close

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