4 March 2024
by Sarah Morgan

Space's value for advanced materials is growing

The value of advanced materials in the space industry is projected to be at an estimated £4bln by the year 2035.

© Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

The Why Space? The Opportunity for Materials Science and Innovation position paper, explains how emerging microgravity research and engineering platforms will open a new market for materials research and development (R&D) in space.

The global use of advanced materials, including composites and alloys, by space industry technologies, from launch vehicles to satellites, amounts to approximately £1.2bln each year.

The paper from the UK Satellite Applications Catapult recommends:

  • Investment in UK R&D testing platforms
  • Development of a R&D funding strategy and funding framework for space
  • Technical and regulatory process reforms
  • Development of a cross-government space skills framework
  • Nurturing national and international R&D networks (academic and industry)

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