13 June 2024
by Hassan Akhtar AIMMM

Partnership aims for ‘conflict-free’ gold in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Gold mining and bullion company Society Artisanal are partnering with technology company Minespider to provide greater clarity along gold’s supply chain.

© Unsplash/Jingming Pan

Society Artisanal source the gold from their mines, smelt it into branded ingot bars, stamp them with a unique number and mine site ID, and prepare it for export to L’Orfebre gold refinery in Spain.

Minespider’s blockchain-based platform and Digital Product Passports help to collect and communicate provenance data and other critical information about the gold in a transparent and secure way, essentially tracking from the mine to its smelting facility with further plans to scale traceability beyond this.

The first shipment is due in June 2024.

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Hassan Akhtar AIMMM