17 May 2022

How inclusive is the engineering profession? Share your thoughts

The Royal Academy of Engineering is seeking UK-based engineers to share their experiences of inclusivity


The Royal Academy of Engineering is calling for UK-based engineers, technicians and people working in engineering-related roles to take part in a survey looking at the culture of the profession.

This study will build upon and bring up to date the Academy’s review and report published in 2017. The aim of the survey is to better understand the culture of engineering and help create an environment where all engineers thrive.

Share your thoughts by completing the 2022 survey:


Back in 2017, the Academy’s ‘Inclusive Cultures’ report revealed that 80% of engineers feel increased motivation from feeling included at work. Though these findings are still relevant, it is important to see whether attitudes and opinions have changed since then. By taking part, you will contribute to gaining a better understanding of the culture of the profession and ways in which things can be improved.

Read more about the Academy’s work on inclusive cultures online.

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