26 April 2022

Fundamentals of Adhesion & Adhesives: Part One

Watch on-demand content from Part 1 of Fundamentals of Adhesion & Adhesives.

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Fundamentals of Adhesion & Adhesives is a two-part seminar series that aims to educate participants to the advantages and difficulties of adhesive bonding. Targeted towards students and delegates new to the industry, the seminar will introduce a variety of key topics within the field of adhesion & adhesives, including surface treatments, adhesive bonding, and joint performance with presentations from leading academics and industry professionals.

Adhesives are extensively used in industry and understanding how to achieve strong and durable bonding is essential for sustainable and safe structures.

Learning the fundamentals of adhesion science and adhesives practice, and the applications of these, enables users to successfully apply these techniques in their careers. Adhesive bonding is a vital enabling technology for strong and lightweight structures, which is a topical for electric vehicles and wind power generation.

Please note that this is a two-part seminar series, the second session will take place on Tuesday 3 May. Registration and agenda detail is available at the bottom of this page.

By attending this webinar you will
  • Gain an overview of key adhesion concepts
  • Discover the latest advances in the design and performance of adhesive bonding
  • Increase awareness of benefits, issues and current limitations of adhesive bonding
  • Understand the career opportunities within the industry
Who should attend?

This seminar is aimed at undergraduate, postgraduate & research (PhD) students, as well as engineers and scientists who are new to the adhesives & adhesives bonding, or manufacturing industries. Academics, researchers and students who wish to further their careers in the disciplines of adhesive science and adhesives would also benefit from attendance at this event.

The session will also provide value to industry professionals using adhesives in fabrication, adhesive developers and suppliers, surface treatment developers and users, designers of lightweight structures, research organisations working in the adhesion science area, alongside those working in structures for transport applications (e.g. aircraft, electric vehicles).


Welcome & Introduction
Ambrose Taylor, Society for Adhesion & Adhesives


The Underlying Principles
Steve Millington, ARTIS


Non-Structural Adhesives & Sealants
Jim Palmer, J P Consultancy




Structual Adhesives.
Steve Shaw, Loughborough University


A Review of Applications
Ewen Kellar, TWI


Closing comments and thoughts
Ambrose Taylor, Society for Adhesion & Adhesives 

15:45   Event ends



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