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The Grantham National Materials and Mining Archive (NMMA) holds a large collection of geological maps and map series from around the world that are available for member viewing, study and loan.

A previous winner of the IOM3 Schools Starpack Awards has undertaken various design and development iterations with healthcare specialists from both the NHS (Healthy London Partnership – who run a large Asthma Campaign across London) and AIR, (an asthma charity run by Doctors and respiratory specialists) to take the design to full application, driven by the Designing Our Tomorrow  (DOT) Team at the University of Cambridge, who set the initial challenge.

3D Printing lecture poster

Slides from the lecture on 3D Printing by Jacob Wilson of GoPrint3D.

Following on from November’s changeover to the new governance scheme with the last meeting of the old Council and the first meetings of the new Advisory Council and Executive Board, Trustees have now adopted a new strategy and business plan for 2020-2022.

The Institute makes a number of prestigious awards for people in the polymer and elastomer sectors and nominations are always encouraged


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