Technical Communities

IOM3 Technical Communities focus on all aspects of materials science, technology and engineering; mining, minerals and exploration; and materials applications from nanotechnology to construction

Our Technical Communities cover a huge range of special interest topics - find a technical network to suit your interests here! Use the filters to find communities that cover your subject area.
Members of IOM3 (logged in) can join any of the communities listed to receive news and updates from those groups. This will be logged on your member profile on the IOM3 database. Members who wish to select a primary / preferred technical community need to do so via their member profile.

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GettyImages-534028756-Adhesion & Adhesives.jpg

A forum for professionals to gain information, knowledge and an understanding of all aspects of adhesion and adhesive technologies and processes.

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A network for professionals involved in the responsible location and use of the earth's resources

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Provides a focus for the application and use of materials used in biomedical applications

shutterstock_1387455956 Ceramics.jpg

The network for professional people working with advanced, engineering or industrial ceramics including clay and cementitious materials

shutterstock_428342644-Carbon fiber composite raw material background.jpg

Providing a focus for fibre-reinforced composite materials and structures

GettyImages-1184513024 - CONSTRUCTION.jpg

The technical network covering the application, use and reuse of all construction materials and systems

GettyImages-907380306 Defence, Safety & Security.jpg

Provides a focus for all technical, educational and professional aspects of materials used in defence, safety and security

shutterstock_1469146268 Rubber in Engineering.jpg

Covering all the technical aspects of using elastomeric materials

GettyImages-1194050061-Photovoltaic-ENERGY MATERIALS.jpg

A cross-cutting group focussing on the materials issues in low carbon energy supply


Supporting all technical, educational and professional aspects of the energy transition


Representing the iron and steel community, we provide technical expertise and advice related to all aspects of the manufacture, use and reuse of iron and steel based metals and alloys


A network to share knowledge and best practice related to the understanding of material properties and how they affect materials selection and use


Provides a forum for professionals to gain an understanding of all areas of materials processing, manufacture and related technologies across all material types


Focussing on all technical aspects of mineral processing and extractive metallurgy, including hydro- and pyrometallurgy

shutterstock_638015365-Aerial view over the building materials processing factory. Sand mine - Mining Technology.jpg

A focus for the promotion and exchange of knowledge on all aspects of mining lifecycle technology and mining industry matters

shutterstock_790814941feather-NATURAL MATERIALS.jpg

A professional network representing the entire breadth of natural materials from academic research to commercial application use and reuse

shutterstock_1103596514 Light Metals.jpg

Promoting a vibrant and innovative non-ferrous and light metals technology scene in the UK


The network for professional people working in packaging, from packaging designers to packaging suppliers, and brand owners who design and manufacture.

shutterstock_1776744002 Polymers.jpg

A community of professionals with a shared technical interest in polymers, supporting the development of sustainable polymer supply chains

shutterstock_304656125-A close-up of CNC mill finishing surface-Surface Engineering.jpg

Promoting the selection, optimisation and use of all surface related technologies, such as coatings and surface treatments, to maximise component and system performance

shutterstock_536046856-SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.jpg

The network helping to develop sustainable practices across the materials cycle as the centre of expertise on sustainability and the environment within IOM3

shutterstock_524570704 Wood Technology.jpg

Covering all aspects of timber and wood based materials, and how their characterisation and properties influence their selection and use