• Guests travel from afar to attend awards dinner

    On 22 October new Fellows, special and publication award winners and their guests gathered for the Institute's Special and Publications Awards dinner.
  • Simulating solutions – nanotransistors

    Materials World magazine
    Computer models that simulate silicon chip production are helping manufacturers develop next generation transistors at 32 and 22nm nodes and beyond.The simulations look at flash annealing of doped silicon, as well as new materials, such as silicon-germanium alloys, and novel structures, such as strained silicon.
  • Fluid-structure relations

    Materials World magazine
    A novel computational approach could improve understanding of how fluids interact with solid structures such as turbine blades or aeroplanes. This would help engineers eliminate catastrophic mechanical failure caused by unstable contact.
  • Charging up batteries with algae

    Materials World magazine
    A charge time and capacity record for organic and non–toxic batteries has been set by using algae, claim researchers from Uppsala University, Sweden. The work opens up possibilities for producing environmentally friendly, cost efficient, up-scalable and lightweight energy storage systems.
  • carbon nanotubes

    Self-healing circuits

    Materials World magazine
    Capsules placed on circuit boards that contain suspensions of conductive carbon nanotubes could make burnt out electronics a thing of the past. The shells are being designed to erode under conditions of high electrical potential, temperature spikes, mechanical damage or other appropriate stimuli.
  • Healed sandwich composite panel

    At the core of sandwich composites

    Materials World magazine
    A novel interlayer between the skin and foam core in sandwich structures could provide composite components with an inherent self-healing mechanism. This reinstates the backface support to prevent buckling during compression.
  • silicon chip

    Making light work of silicon chips

    Materials World magazine
    Silicon chips that can emit light could be demonstrated within four years, thanks to a team of international researchers who claim to have overcome previous limitations.
  • Materials experts sought for Fuel Cells Challenge

    The Carbon Trust is searching for UK innovators to help develop the next generation of fuel cells. People with expertise in polymers, catalysts, metals and other materials that could provide alternatives to current fuel cell components are invited to take part in the Fuel Cells Challenge.
  • Beilby Medal and Prize seeking applicants

    The annual Beilby Medal and Prize is seeking nominations for the 2010 award.
  • Fly Your Ideas student contest

    The Airbus Fly Your Ideas contest is challenging students to develop new ideas to help deliver a greener aviation industry.