Materials Failure Investigation Group board

Welcome to the Materials Failure Investigation Group. I have spent many years working in the failure investigation field mainly within the confines of single organisations. In those years when I have come across other practitioners we have been usually been representing parties who are in opposition to each other, and discussion has been limited to a very unsatisfactory set of counter claims and fruitless arguments. It was, therefore, a breath of fresh air when, on 13 July 2017, a group of 25 people all involved in the failure investigation field attended the inaugural meeting of what will be known as MFIG. This meeting took place at the IOM3 London offices, and everyone present talked to each other in an open and relaxed atmosphere. It was a relief to know that the concerns I often harbour about the future of failure investigation, especially as regards awareness of the field, and training of newcomers into the field are not mine alone. Better still, the levels of enthusiasm for getting a process in place, whereby these concerns can be addressed, was far higher than I would have believed possible. It also quickly became apparent that the interests represented by the group present was extremely wide ranging from polymer specialists, through generalists, to specialists in discrete industrial sectors such as aviation, where narrow ranges of metallics are used. That last sentence indicates my own bias towards metals which is my home territory. It was interesting that we had almost as many definitions of failure, as there were people present.

I think and hope that this was a strong beginning to a long, and hopefully fruitful journey. One in which all involved can learn from each other and spread that learning to future practitioners in the field. I also hope that we can be instrumental in bringing a better standard of failure investigation to the many people who require these services, by raising awareness of what a failure investigation is. Finally, I look forward, with all your support, to guiding the Group through these early days.

I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting in early September.

All the best for the future

Jeff Jones