• Safety films for batteries

    Materials World magazine
    Electrode separators made from porous polymers that help prevent lithium-ion batteries from exploding at high temperatures have been created by Tonen Chemical Corporation, in Japan. This could help use of batteries in hyybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Supraspheres

    Mouldable metals' created using nanocrystals

    Materials World magazine
    A method of assembling metal nanoparticles into a clay-like structure that can be moulded and fired has been developed by researchers at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA. Paternal applications include flexible electronics.
  • Heating up austenitic stainless steels

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, claim to have developed inexpensive austenitic stainless steels that can withstand higher temperatures while maintaing creep strength and oxidation resistance by introducing aluminium into composition. The drive towards higher operating temperatures, while maintaining creep stremnght and oxidation resistance by introducing aluminium into its composition. that employ austenitic stainless steels in turbine recuperators, heat exchangers, piping and tubing.
  • New quantum dots can amplify light for tunable lasers

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA, have engineered a new version of quantum dots (semiconductor nanocrystals) that can amplify light for cheaper and tunable lasers at a range of wavelenghts at a range of wavelengths.
  • Printed circuit-board inspection made easier

    Materials World magazine
    The Microscan AOI, developed within the EU Framework 6 programme, combines four different techniques to inspect printed circuit boards for defects during production. These are automated optical inspection, scanning acoustic microscopy, thermography, and X-ray inspection.
  • Modelling negative thermal expansion

    Materials World magazine
    Scientists have devised a model to minimise thermal expansion on a structures such as bridges and fuel cells. By having at least one component that has a different thermal expansion coefficient from the rest, researchers can display thermal expansion.
  • image

    Single-phase bulk solids heat management

    Materials World magazine
    Scientists at the IBM T J Watson Research Center and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, both in the USA, are exploring the optical and thermal electric properties of new composite materials that harness the properties of multiple semiconductors in one superlatice material using different nanocrystal combinations to be used in the recovery of waste heat.
  • Corrosion Management in the Power Industry: Current Problems and Future Challenges - meeting report

    Surface Engineering Division
    This was a very successful meeting, held in London in April 2007, attracting a total of 33 delegates from a wide range of UK manufacturers and utilities. The workshop included...
  • First soluble monoclonal nanoscale molecular imprinted polymers developed

    Materials World magazine
    Through the process of living polymerisation, researchers at Cranfield University, UK, claim to have developed the first soluble monoclonal nanoscale molecular imprinted polymers (nanoMIPs) for potential application in analytical chemistry, pharmacology, crime prevention and the food industry.
  • Electrospun silicone microthreads for regenerative medicine

    Materials World magazine
    The feasibility of electrospinning technology to produce polymeric threads containing viable brain cells, has been demonstrated by researchers at University College London, UK. The creation of biologically active threads and scaffolds of living organisms may have a range of bioengineering and medical applications.