4th APDIC World Round-Robin Seminar

Materials Chemistry Committee
11 Jul 2012

4th APDIC World Round-Robin Seminar was organised by the Materials Chemistry Committee as
a fringe session at the 2012 IOM3 Materials Congress. The event was declared a success by chairman of the
APDIC WRRS committee, Prof. Tetsuo Mohri from Hokkaido University in Japan.

Equilibria: Materials for the Future
attracted delegates from all
over Europe, with experts in their respective fields (including three
past-recipients of the IOM3 Hume-Rothery prize) from as far
away as Japan to address the 40-strong audience. The philosophy of
the APDIC WRRS is to offer educational lectures to students and
people from industry, to promote the subject and to show what phase
diagrams and thermodynamics can do.

In the 4th of the
series, this was achieved by having two distinct sessions to the day.
The first dealt with the fundamentals of the subject, from the simple
interpretation of phase diagrams, through experimental techniques to
complex modelling using CVM. These lectures served as a basis for the
afternoon session, where applications as diverse as the design of
materials for aero-engines, batteries, light alloys, nuclear
materials and the thermodynamics of cement hydration were discussed.
A selection of the presentations can be downloaded
from the 'Science' pages of the Materials Chemistry Committee

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