• Programme available for 5th European Rolling Conference

    The Iron & Steel Society
    The programme for the 5th European Rolling Conference, sponsored by Siemens VAI Metal Technologies, is now available.
  • Grain Boundaries at High Temperature event

    High Temperature Materials Committee
    This symposium on 29 April will discuss grain boundary behaviour to present a summary state-of-the-art review.
  • A cracked section of the fibre-reinforced concrete

    Bomb-proof concrete

    Clay Technology magazine
    A high performance concrete designed to reduce the impact of bomb blasts is being investigated by engineers at the University of Liverpool, UK. The material is reinforced with steel fibres and has already been employed in slender footbridges and government buildings in Australia.
  • Immersion-coupled twin-crystal 2D matrix phased array transducer

    Faster inspection of stainless steel welds?

    Materials World magazine
    A single-probe ultrasonic technique for stainless steel weld inspection could save production time, say scientists from TWI Ltd in Cambridge, UK.
  • Economic crisis headlines

    Trialling times – the credit crunch

    Materials World magazine
    As the full brunt of the recession starts to take effect, Materials World talks to 18 leading members of the UK engineering and manufacturing industries to get their views about the effects of the economic climate on their sector and where future redemption may lie. To express your views on the impact of the recession, visit the Materials World forum at the link below.
  • Petition the Prime Minister to Get Britain Building

    International Clay Technology Association
    Martin Clarke of British Precast Concrete Federation has submitted a petition to the Prime Minister on the No. 10 Downing Street Website to Get Britain Building.
  • An example of steel used in architecture

    Quality control for structural steelwork moves forward

    Materials World magazine
    The European conformity standard (CE mark) for the design, fabrication and erection of structural steelwork will be introduced to the UK in August 2009. The BS EN 1090 Part 1 outlines what systems steelwork contractors need to put in place to ensure the health and safety levels, as well as quality, of their finished products. Meagan Ellis reports
  • Student Starpack Award for Graduates

    Design graduates with aspirations for a career in packaging design have the chance to show off their talents by entering the new Student Starpack Award for Graduates.
  • Last opportunity to enter IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2009

    Candidates have until 19 December to submit nomination forms for the IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2009.
  • Finding gold in garbage?

    Materials World magazine
    Space is running low for landfill sites, and decreasing sources of minerals and metals are conflicting with projected high demands in the future. Exploring old landfills for reusable resources is therefore becoming more appealing, but can incurr high costs.