14 July 2021

What to expect at EEC 2021

This webinar opens discussion on some of the Environmental and Societal factors driving these arguments and looks forward to the 12th European Steelmaking Conference in September where there will be several sessions developing the arguments and showcasing progress against these challenges.

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The programme for the 12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference has been developed and registration is now open. The objective of the webinar is to showcase the content and how it seeks to inform, educate, and promote discussion.


Hosted by the EEC 2021 conference organising committee, this free one-hour webinar will present the conference programme and highlight the key elements

  • Starting with developments in steelmaking technology.
  • The influence and opportunities that big data will bring to plant developments and control of the process.
  • The impact of green energy on supply contracts and usage.
  • How socio economics will influence and drive innovation.
  • How innovation is driving developments in existing and new plants.
  • Sustain Workshop : The Steelplant of the future – How to achieve net zero

You'll also hear from 

  • Influence of Big data and the virtual factory on Steelmaking Developments
    Chris McDonald, Materials Processing Institute

  • How socio-economic factors will drive innovation in the Steel Industry
    Louis Brimacombe, Alan Scholes



12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference

Current and future developments across the broad spectrum of electric arc furnace steelmaking and its associated technologies.

Hybrid: Sheffield, UK & Online