12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference

16 Sep 2020 - 18 Sep 2020

Organised by IOM Communications on behalf of the Iron and Steel Society of IOM3

The key aim of this 12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference is to provide a forum at which steelmakers, product specialists, and all other parts of the steel sector supply chain (including the academic community and research and technology organisations) can come together to share information and exchange knowledge on current and future developments across the broad spectrum of electric arc furnace steelmaking and its associated technologies.

The conference will have 5 principal technology-based themes each of which is outlined below:

Plant:                                      New plant and technology

                                               Plant enhancement technologies

                                               Greenfield sites (vs established)


Process:                                  Metallurgy of Electric Arc Steelmaking

                                               Refractory and synthetic slag development

                                               Raw materials choice to maximise yield and efficiency

                                               Process modelling i.e. scrap charge and melt predictions etc


Environment & Safety:           Sustainable steel production

                                               Recovery of process wastes

                                               Materials sustainability

                                               Zero waste

                                               Safety and Compliance


Energy:                                   Waste Heat recovery

                                               Power Management

                                               Use of Chemical energy


Industry 4.0:                           Automation

                                               Big data

                                               Integration of systems


A range of sponsorship and exhibition packages will be available. The programme will be structured so that there will be ample opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to interact with conference delegates.


The conference will be followed by plant tours to one of the three special steel plants in the local area i.e. Sheffield Forgemasters, Liberty Speciality and Outokumpu Sheffield. These steelmakers produce a wide range of steel specifications from low carbon general machining steels to stainless and heat resisting alloy steels.

Venue and booking

Event Location: 
The Diamond
The University of Sheffield
S3 7RD
United Kingdom
Contact details: 

IOM3 Conference Department

T. +44 (0)20 7451 7302/7303

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