IOM3(HK) – Technical Seminar – Observational Method as Basis for Low Cost Cavern and Tunnel Construction in Hard Rock (19 September 2016)

Hong Kong Branch
30 Sep 2016

On 19 September 2016, a technical Seminar about “Observational Method as Basis for Low Cost Cavern and Tunnel Construction in Hard Rock” organised by the IOM3 Hong Kong Branch was held. 109 participates were joined to this event.

Underground  space  development  has  been  a  hot  topic  in  Hong  Kong  for  years  as  one  of  the way-forward in supplying valuable development spaces in this highly urbanized city.  Although there are areas in Hong Kong which various studies have concluded technically being ideal for cavern development, the relatively high construction cost often put question marks on many of these potential projects. 
Our speaker, Mr Garshol presented why rock support design is such a complex subject, why solutions tend to become over-conservative and some Facts of Life about calculating the way to a lining design. 
Saving time and money are being practiced in many parts of the world by employing the Observational method (OM) and Mr Garshol shared with the audience some insight on his topic.

Photo by Bill Siu


On behalf of the IOM3 HK Branch, we would like to express our sincere thanks again to Mr Garshol for giving his presentation and sharing to the subject topic. We would also like to express our deep appreciation to Mr Jianbo Zhu, our Co-opted Council Member for arranging the nice lecture room. 
It was full house on the night and our members enjoyed very much the seminar.