Parsons 2019

16 Sep 2019 - 18 Sep 2019

Organised by IOM Communications on behalf of the High Temperature Materials Committee of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

The 10th International Charles Parsons Turbine and Generator Conference

Call for papers open: deadline 31 May 2019
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Charles Parsons' concepts and designs have been instrumental in developing turbo-machinery for the mass generation of electricity and propulsion.  His legacy has been honoured through the series of Parsons conferences focused on the developments in materials for steam and gas turbines, and this series is set to continue in September 2019.  The 2019 conference will focus on the challenge of turbines operating under novel conditions, looking the interactions between environmental degradation mechanisms and mechanical interactions, in both gas and steam turbine applications.

Global energy markets are changing as ever larger quantities are renewables are brought online, with knock-on consequences including increased cycling, demands for more rapid response and requirements for part-loading for gas and steam power generation systems.  At the same time, the drive to increase plant efficiency has led to interest in higher temperature operation, while alternative fuel supplied produce challenges in the form of alternative high temperature degradation mechanisms; new, adherent deposits; and fuel supply issues.  In marine and aerospace applications, gas turbines have always had more aggressive thermal cycles and are currently facing a drive to increase efficiency and cut emissions to promote sustainable travel.  In parallel, interest is increasing in novel power generation cycles operating with alternative working fluids.

Significant effort is therefore being made to understand how materials will respond to new combinations of stress and environment for existing technology and for new designs with unconventional aggressive environments from alternative combustion systems and fuels.  Steam and gas turbines will be required to generate power for many years to come, but with improved design, operation and maintenance the environmental impact can be minimised.


Specific topics within the scope of the conference include design, materials performance, advanced and novel manufacturing methods, and operation of both steam and gas turbine power plant, together with issues related to increased operational and fuel flexibility and potential new power generation cycles.

Who will attend?

This conference will promote interaction between industry and academia.  There will be a particular emphasis on giving research students and early career researchers an opportunity to show how their work will solve practical industrial problems.


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