Launch of Electronics Applications Technical Division in Singapore

Functional Materials Division
1 Oct 2007

The Institute of Materials (East Asia) successfully launched the new Electronics Materials and Applications Technical Division in the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Staff Club Function Room on  5 Oct 2007 at  6 pm. 

About 40 people attended the meeting, including academics, students, participants from industry and academics from Malaysia. 

Prof. K A Khor, President, Institute of Materials, East Asia welcomed the gathering and made a few introductory remarks. He described the history of the Institute of Materials (East Asia) chapter, its activities and the need and scope of the new Division. He introduced Prof Daniel Lau who spoke on "Emerging Electronic Materials for Novel Applications".

Prof. Lau also introduced the various activities of the Microelectronics Divn. of the School of EEE in NTU.  His talk was followed by a very interesting and thought proving lecture entitled "Materials in Electronic Applications - Wagging the Dog" By Prof Wong Chee Cheong.  This talk was based on a new view of how the "long tail" of electronics materials demand can change technological innovations.  The talk has been recorded and posted on the website of The Institute of Materials (East Asia).  

Prof. K A Khor then spoke on "What the New Technical Division Mean to the Materials Community in Singapore" and invited the participants to actively participate in the Division's activities. The meeting concluded with a  buffet dinner.