• How to... examine materials using beam-exit cross-sectional polishing

    Dr Alex Robson, Lancaster Material Analysis Ltd explains the uses of beam-exit cross-sectional polishing.
  • Tanzania: Firing up

    Ali Sheriff looks at how to make the leap from batch to continuous firing of bricks in Tanzania.
  • The materials of medicine

    Researchers from the Universities of Sheffield, Brighton, Liverpool, and the King’s College London Dental Institute, UK, present case studies covering the use of materials to overcome challenges in medicine.
  • Q&A – David Kelly

    David Kelly, Group Director of the UK’s Building Research Establishment’s Innovation Parks Network, talks to Gary Peters about how the organisation is engaging with the sustainability agenda, and how it developed its dementia-friendly and flood-resistant homes.
  • The best use

    Beth Harlen looks at the technology helping doctors and medical device developers make better use of materials information to help engineering enterprises use them creatively in their products.
  • Q&A – Mark Summers

    Mark Summers, Head of Technology (Manufacturing, Materials, & Structures) at the Aerospace Technology Institute, UK, talks to Gary Peters about the use of graphene and composites in aerospace, and recent INSIGHT paper, Graphene Exploitation materials applications in aerospace .
  • 2D materials – realising the potential

    Andrew Pollard and Dr Ravi Sundaram outline the growing potential of 2D materials, such as graphene and molybdenum disulphide, and how they can make their way into everyday life.
  • A clothing revolution

    Society is progressing towards a future where digital connectivity exceeds the personal computer. With this comes the Internet of Things, which, according to Veronika Kapsali, could prove useful for textiles.
  • UK materials – creating a global leader

    James Tallentire and Gary Peters explain how the Henry Royce Institute attempts to develop and secure a world leading advanced materials sector in the UK.
  • Material Marvels: Hamburg’s reflection

    At the western point of Hamburg’s HafenCity, Germany, stands Europe’s largest inner-city development, Elbphilharmonie, which is set to become a centre for culture and social life, as Ellis Davies reports.