The presentations will be a blend of original, academic research papers with leading-edge manufacturing development and case studies from the composites industry.  Leading global researchers and practitioners in composites manufacturing will offer Keynote Lectures during the conference.

Topics covered with include:

  • New and novel manufacturing technologies
  • Use of digital technologies in manufacturing
  • Automated deposition and processing technologies
  • Sustainable manufacture
  • Out-of-Autoclave and Vacuum-Bag-Only processing for large structures
  • 3D printing, additive and hybrid manufacturing of composites
  • Design for manufacture via validated simulation
  • Characterisation of composite material flow and processing behaviour
  • Manufacturing for multifunctional composites and integrated structures
  • Inspection, NDE and in-process evaluation

Keynote Speakers

Dr. R. Byron Pipes, Executive Director, Indiana Manufacturing Institute, Purdue University, USA
“The Digital Twin for Composites Additive Manufacturing – A Pathway to High Rate Manufacturing”

Dr. Turlough McMahon, Airbus, Toulouse, France
“Composite Aerostructure Manufacturing - Challenges and Enablers for the Future”