The presentations will be a blend of original, academic research papers with leading-edge manufacturing development and case studies from the composites industry.  Leading global researchers and practitioners in composites manufacturing will offer Keynote Lectures during the conference.

Keynote Speakers

Frederic Sicard, Subject Matter Expert - Structural Composite
“TUCANA - Lightweight, high volume, affordable automotive structure”

Swinburne Medal Lecture Professor Steve Eichhorn, University of Bristol
“Nanocellulose: Top Down and Bottom Up production and properties”

Dr. R. Byron Pipes, Executive Director, Indiana Manufacturing Institute, Purdue University, USA
“High-Rate Composites Manufacturing and Model-Based Engineering”

Dr. Turlough McMahon, Airbus, Toulouse, France
“Composite Aerostructure Manufacturing - Challenges and Enablers for the Future”

Draft Programme: Please note that this programme is subject to change

Wednesday 20 October

Welcome / Opening
Professor Conchúr Ó Brádaigh, University of Edinburgh, Conference Chair
Professor Paul Hogg, Royal Holloway University of London, Chair, British Composites Society

Keynote Speaker: TUCANA - Lightweight, high volume, affordable automotive structure
Frederic Sicard, Subject Matter Expert - Structural Composite, Jaguar Land Rover
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    Session A1   Session B1
Manufacturing for multifunctional composites and integrated structures

Chair: Véronique Michaud, EPFL (Switzerland)
Design for manufacture via validated simulation

Chair: Philip Harrison, University of Glasgow (UK)

Automated Hybrid Composite Processing
Jens Schlimbach
Leibniz-Institute for Composite Materials (Germany)
A deep learning surrogate model for rapid prediction of geometry-induced wrinkles in fabric preforming
Verner Viisainen
University of Cambridge (UK)

More Carbon for Carbon: Carbon fibre electrodes for structural composite energy storage devices
Olivier Hubert
University of Vienna (Austria)
On the investigation of a simulation framework to predict process-induced shape distortions suitable for manufacturing aerospace thermoset composites
Neoklis Traiforos,
Airbus Defence and Space (Germany)

Evaluation of different bonding strategies for glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin with embedded elastomer layers
Janeric Semar
Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe (Germany)
Double diaphragm forming simulation using a multi-resolution modelling strategy for defect detection in complex structures
Fei Yu
University of Nottingham (UK)

Break and Posters
    Session A2   Session B2
Sustainable manufacture

Chair: Peter Mitschang Leibniz-IVW (Germany)
Characterisation of composite material flow and processing behaviour

Chair: Michael Sutcliffe, Cambridge University (UK)

Lignin Precursor Materials for Carbon Fibre Production – State of the Art and Future Prospects
Maurice Collins
University of Limerick (Ireland)
In-Situ Fibre Tow Compaction with Application to Continuous Fibre Composite 3D Printing
Joshua Hares
University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Investigating the Mechanical and Thermomechanical Properties of Various Recycled and Virgin Plastics in Comparison to Waste Mixed Plastics
Kate O'Rourke
The University of Edinburgh
Defect detection and process control in resin transfer moulding
Mikhail Matveev
University of Nottingham (UK)

High Performance Discontinuous Fibre (HiPerDiF) technology: the environmental impact of closing the loop on recycling composites
Amy Fitzgerald
University of Surrey (UK)
Investigation of Cutting Edge Quality for Separation Processes of Fibre-Metal-Laminates
Vicky Reichel
TU Braunschweig (Germany)

Lunch and Poster Session
    Session A3   Session B3

Out-of-autoclave and vacuum-bag-only processing for large structures

Chair: Peter Martin, Queen's University Belfast (UK)

Automated deposition and processing technologies

Chair: Colin Robert, University of Edinburgh (UK)

Comparative study of compaction and voids development during out-of-autoclave curing followed by X-rays micro-tomography
Philippe Olivier
Institut Clément ADER (France)
Automated thermoplastic tape placement process using inline monitoring for stabilized processing conditions
Ralf Schledjewski
Montanuniversitaet Leoben (Austria)


The significance of spatial temperature variations in large volume oven curing
Adam Fisher
University of Bristol (UK)


Heat transfer analysis of flashlamp heating for automated tape placement
Anastasios Danezis
Heraeus Noblelight Ltd (UK)


Monomer selection for natural fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite manufacture by monomer infusion under flexible tooling (MIFT)
John Summerscales
University of Plymouth (UK)
Model based online control of composites cure
Mehdi Asareh
Cranfield University (UK)

End of Day 1
Thursday 21 October



Swinburne Medal Lecture: Nanocellulose: Top Down and Bottom Up production and properties
Profesor Steve Eichhorn, University of Bristol

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    Session A4   Session B4



New and novel manufacturing technologies

Chair: Christophe Binetruy, Centrale Nantes (France)
3D printing, additive and hybrid manufacturing of composites

Chair: Hassan El-Dessouky, Galala University (Egypt)

Tailoring glass fiber surface for the polymerization and crystallization of anionic polyamide 6
Achraf Belkhiri
Université de Toulouse (France)


Additive manufacturing of polymer composites reinforced with buckypapers made of carbon nanotubes and short carbon fibres
Bartosz Gackowski
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Transverse Liquid Composites Moulding Processes for Advanced Composites Material Manufacturing
Jeeeun Lee
University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Hybrid manufacturing of curved continuous carbon fibre reinforced dual-polymer composites
Dongmin Yang
The University of Edinburgh (UK)

Influence of Material Parameters through the resin application and pressing stages of Wet Compression Moulding
Balaji Muthuvel
University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Contact Resistance Heating of Unidirectional Carbon Fibre Tows
Murat Celik
University of Edinburgh (UK)

Break and Posters
Session A5
Session B5
New and novel manufacturing technologies

Chair: Edward McCarthy, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Manufacturing for multifunctional composites and integrated structures

Chair: Ralf Schledjewski, Montanuniversitaet Leoben (Austria)

Analysing the Influence of Binder Architectures on Compressibility and Permeability of 3D Woven Preforms with Warp Way and Weft Way Binders
Kazi Sowrov
University of Manchester (UK)
Investigation of Fibre-Reinforcement of Thermoplastics in Rotational Moulding
David Castellanos
Queen's University Belfast (UK)

Development of a new Method for Manufacturing hollow fiber-reinforced plastic Structures for aeronautical Applications using structural CFRP Cores
Thomas Rief
IVW Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Development of integrated electrical self-sensing in aerospace CFRP components
Matthew Collinson
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (UK)

Novel Through Thickness Reinforcement Method for Carbon Composite Structures with No Reduction in In-Plane Properties
William Moses
Ulster University (UK)
Composites 4.0
Miroslav Stojkovic
Airborne UK (UK)

Lunch and Poster Session


Keynote Speaker: High-Rate Composites Manufacturing and Model-Based Engineering
Professor R. Byron Pipes, Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Purdue University

Session A6
Session B6
Characterisation of composite material flow and processing behaviour

Chair: Dipa Roy, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Design for manufacture via validated simulation

Chair: Lee Harper, University of Nottingham (UK)

Processing and characterisation of carbon fibre/PEKK composites
Helena Perez-Martin,
The University of Edinburgh (UK)
Design and manufacture of multi-material vehicle bodies
Ross Minty
Far-UK Ltd (UK)

Experimental and Numerical Characterisation of Fibre Orientation Distributions in Compression Moulded Carbon Fibre SMC
Connie Qian
Warwick Manufacturing Group (UK)
Local intra-ply stitch removal for improved formability of biaxial non-crimp fabrics
Shuai Chen
University of Nottingham (UK)

An experimental study of the friction resistance of carbon/epoxy prepreg sheets
David Aveiga
Imdea Materials (Spain)
Numerical Assessment of Variability in Double Diaphragm Forming of Non-Crimp Fabric Preforms
Andrea Codolini
University of Cambridge (UK)

End of Day 2
Friday 22 October

Keynote Speaker: Composite Aerostructure Manufacturing - Challenges and Enablers for the Future
Turlough McMahon, Airbus
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    Session A7
  Session B7
Automated deposition and processing technologies

Co-Chairs: John Summerscales, University of Plymouth (UK)
Sustainable Manufacture

Co-Chairs: Alex Skordos, Cranfield University (UK)

Time-temperature dependant adhesive tack and contact area development between prepreg carbon fibre tape and rigid substrate
Andreas Endruweit
University of Nottingham (UK)
Sustainable and safe out-of-oven manufacturing of FRPs with integrated multifunctionalities: from energy efficient manufacturing to damage sensing and de-icing
Han Zhang
Queen Mary University of London (UK)

Powder Resin System - a new way of composites manufacturing
Marcel Schubiger
Swiss CMT AG (Switzerland)
Investigating the properties of thermoplastic acrylic-glass composites for marine and tidal energy applications
Machar Devine
The University of Edinburgh (UK)

Powder Epoxy Towpregging Tapeline for Automated Fibre Placement
Colin Robert
University of Edinburgh (UK)
Impact of the manufacturing of thermostable matrix composite semi-finished products on their integrity and consolidation
Lisa Feuillerat
Institut Clément Ader (France)

Break and Posters
Session A8/B8
New and novel manufacturing technologies

Co-Chairs: Philippe Olivier, Institut Clément ADER (France)

Modular Infusion: Novel Approaches to Segregation and Control of Flow Fronts Within Liquid Resin Moulding
Joe Soltan
National Composites Centre (UK)

Manufacturing of a hybrid CFRP aluminum structure using aluminum high pressure die casting
Alexander Marx
Faserinstitut Bremen e.V. (Germany)

A computational and experimental analysis of the influence of guide ring size on fibre architecture in the braiding process
Bethany Grimes
National Composites Centre (UK)

Non-intrusive online Tg estimation for advanced composites manufacturing
Nikos Pantelelis
Synthesites (Belgium)


Closing Remarks
John Summerscales, University of Plymouth (UK)

Close of Conference