TEi Ltd is a leading Engineering Construction Organisation in the United Kingdom specialising in design, supply, repair, maintenance and site installation in the power generation and petrochemical industries.

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Frazer-Nash is a leading systems, engineering and technology company. We help organisations deliver innovative engineering and technology solutions to make lives safe, secure, sustainable, and affordable.

With over 800 employees, we work from a network of eleven UK and four Australian locations. Our people apply their expertise to develop, enhance and protect our clients' critical assets, systems and processes.

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Everything we do is focused on providing our clients with the knowledge to make decisions to maximise operational efficiency and profits. 

With over 500 consultants and engineers, 30 state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot-plants we provide detailed consultancy and testing/development services covering materials performance, integrity, fitness for service, defect analysis, fracture mechanics, fatigue and stress analysis, FEA & CFD, mechanical testing, stress corrosion cracking, full-scale testing, and failure investigations.

We have worldwide recognized knowledge and expertise on steel and alloys innovation, metallurgical design, production, application and use, particularly in sectors like Steelmaking, Oil & Gas, Energy, Automotive, Space, Defence, Railway and Marine.

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From our inception, we have been instrumental in the maintenance and life extension of the majority of the UK’s fossil fuel power generation fleet and have played a significant role in the evolution and maintenance of the country’s growing Biomass and Energy from Waste fleet.

This experience in the power generation sector extended our services into a wide range of industrial sectors including Petro-Chemical, Chemical, Paper, Cement and Food and Beverage.

Our highly skilled workforce which includes welders dual coded to BSEN 15614-1 and ASME IX have delivered projects across the United Kingdom.

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