All conference sessions will be available to stream on-demand via the Virtual Platform, alongside other resources so that you can view some content ahead of time and thus get maximum benefit from participation in the interactive features of the 'live' conference schedule.

Set across three days, you'll have the opportunity to participate in live discussion with speakers, and dissemination of up to date research, new concepts and industry developments for each stream of content. 

Alloy Background & Developments

  • Grade 91/92 Steel Development and Use
    John Hald, DTU
  • Development of the UK MarBN Steel IBN1 and the route to codification
    Scott Lockyer, Uniper
  • Ferritic steel grades - an economic and reliable solution in an Energy Environment shifting fossil power plants towards ancillary services
    Sabin Cristian Ceuca, TENARIS

Field Issues

  • UK Experience with CSEF Steel High Temperature Pipework
    Richard Walton, SSE
  • P91 in-service challenges and developments in assessment tools: What does the operator want?
    Andy Morris, EDF Energy
  • Service Experience of Grade 91/92 Steels 
    John Siefert, EPRI

Understanding the Issues

  • Understanding the Issue of Steam Oxidation
    Tony Fry, NPL
  • Modelling of segregation in casting and its effects on microstructure in 9 Cr-grade CSEF steels
    Martin Strangwood, University of Birmingham
  • Characterising the highly complex 9 Cr steels
    Geoff West, Warwick University 
  • Probabilistic Lifing of High Temperature Pipework
    Steve Brett, University of Nottingham
  • The affect of welding process on Type IV cracking resistance’
    John Rothwell, TWI

Modelling & Lifing

  • Small Specimen Techniques for the Characterization of Materials
    Chris Hyde, University of Nottingham
  • Development and understanding of the Wilshire Equations for creep lifing 
    Mark Whittaker, Swansea University
  • Prior Creep Strain Effects on Monotonic Tensile and Cyclic Plasticity Behaviour of P91 Steel
    Catrin Davies, Imperial College London

Plant Life Management Approaches

  • ECCC Grade 91-92 Code Developments
    Chris Bullough, GE
  • Anomalous Behaviour of CSEF Steels in Modern Boiler Plant
    Paul James, Neil Burton, Uniper
  • GENSIP Good Practice Guide - Management of Grade 91
    Adam Storey, RWE
  • 20 Years Development and Application of Inspection
    Alistair Wilcock, RWE

Welding of CSEF Steels

  • Quality Challenges of Welding CSEF Steels in New Build and Existing/Old Plant
    Joanne Jones, Uniper
  • Development and Application of T91 Cold Weld Repair Techniques
    Ken Mitchell, RWE
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment of Grade P91 Design, Manufacture and NDT
    Mark Dinnes
  • Development of Welding Consumables for 9-12% Cr CSEF steels
    Ronny Krein, Voestalpine