Sunday 11 September 2022

18:30-20:30 Delegates who arrive on Sunday may pick up their conference badge at Storm Jameson Court reception.

Monday 12 September 2022

08:15     Registration: Outside the Maurice Keyworth Lecture Theatre
              (G.02) Business School

08:50     Welcome: Prof. Ian Richardson

SESSION 1                         
Chair: Prof. John Provis

09:00    (1) Thermodynamic modelling of Portland cement clinkers
Wahab Abdul, Marcus Bannerman, Alexander Pisch (University of Aberdeen, UK)

09:15    (2) Manufacturing cement by indirect mechanosynthesis process: Structural and hydraulicity study
Othmane Bouchenafa, Rabah Hamzaoui, Céline Florence, Sandrine Mansoutre (Université Paris Est / ESTP Paris, France)

09:30    (3) Synthetization and hydration of ferrite C4(AxF2-x)
Visa Isteri, Katja Ohenoja, Theodore Hanein, Timo Fabritius (University of Oulu, Finland)

09:45    (4) Cationic substitution in the M3 alite polymorph: analysis of synchrotron XRPD data using BVS
Caroline A. Kirk, William Fernandes, Sandro Torres (University of Edinburgh)

10:00    (5) Monitoring of nucleation and growth of C–S–H phases by analytical ultracentrifugation coupled  with ICP-OES
Thomas Sowoidnich, Christiane Rößler, Horst-Michael Ludwig, Helmut Cölfen (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany)

10:15    (6) Simulation of C3S hydration at the micro-scale using level-set method
Long Nguyen-Tuan, Christiane Rößler, Horst-Michael Ludwig (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany)

10:30 Refreshments, posters, exhibition and networking (room 1.06, Clarendon Building)


SESSION 2                         
Chair: Prof. Mark Tyrer

11:00    (7) Microstructural analysis of a 35-year-old ordinary Portland cement paste
Adwoa Bia Owusu, I.G. Richardson (University of Leeds, UK)

11:15    (8) Structural characterization of calcium aluminate hydroxides with different intercalated anions by multinuclear solid-state MAS NMR
Shuai Nie, Jørgen Skibsted (Aarhus University, Denmark)

11:30    (9) Study of temperature effect on the calcium aluminate cement-slag hydration
Josipa Skocibusic Pejic, Zeljko Skoko, Marijana Serdar (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

11:45    (10) Aqueous carbonation of matured Portland cement pastes incorporating different types of SCMs
Fabio Mariz Maia Neto, Jørgen Skibsted, Ruben Snellings (Aarhus University, Denmark)

12:00    (11) Enhancing CO2 sequestration in cement mortars using aluminosilicate nanoparticles
Pooja Anil Kumar Nair, Kevin Paine, Juliana Calabria-Holley (University of Bath, UK)

12:15    (12) Impact of the carbonation and oxidation front on alkali activated slag cements
Cassandre Le Galliard, Daniel A. Geddes, Brant Walkley, John L. Provis (University of Sheffield, UK)

12:30 Lunch, posters, exhibiton and networking (room 1.06, Clarendon Building)

13:30 Aspdin Commemorative Lecture
Ian G. Richardson (University of Leeds, UK)


Chair: TBA

14:00    (13) Kinetics of sulfide oxidation in alkaline solutions studied by X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy
Gregor J. G. Gluth, Shishir Mundra, Fabio E. Furcas, Thomas Huthwelker, Sebastian Simon, Camelia N. Borca, John L. Provis (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin, Germany)

14:15    (14) Influence of slag chemistry on the properties of near neural salt sodium sulfate-activated slag cements
Zengliang Yue, Yuvaraj Dhandapani, Xinyuan Ke, Samuel Adu-Amankwah (University of Leeds, UK)

14:30    (15) Evaluation of alkali-activated ground granulated blast furnace slag cements produced with potassium acetate
Yuyan Huang, Alastair T. M. Marsh, Samuel Adu-Amankwah (University of Leeds, UK)

14:45    (16) Evaluation of the reactivity of EAF slag in alkali-activated blended GGBFS systems
Laura Stefanini, Saeid Ghorbani, Brant Walkley, John Provis (University of Sheffield, UK)

15:00 Refreshments, posters, exhibition and networking (room 1.06, Clarendon Building)

Chair: Dr Andrew Dunster

15:30    (17) Scanning electron microscopy of autoclaved aerated concrete
Jodie Davies (University of Derby, UK)

15:45    (18) Thermo-chemically modified cellulose fibres as reinforcement in cementitious matrices
Emeka Kingsley Ezugwu, Kevin Paine, Juliana Calabria-Holley, Carlos Alexandre Fioroni (University of Bath, UK)

16:00    (19) Morphological studies and mechanical property evaluation of mercerized jute fibre for potential use as reinforcement in cement composite boards
Anuoluwapo Samuel Taiwo, David Ayre, Sameer Rahatekar (Cranfield University, UK)

16:15    (20) Effect of hybrid fibres on the cyclic load performance of concrete beams
Abdulrahman Abbadi, Muhammed Basheer, John Forth (University of Leeds, UK)

16:30    (21) Development of pervious concrete with seashells incorporated as aggregate for sustainable urban drainage systems
Karl Williams, Emmanuel Anike, Daniel Keller, Leila Khajenoori (University of Central Lancashire, UK)

16.45    (22) Effects  of asphalt emulsion on vibration damping and mechanical properties of concrete
Kaan Ucak, Paul Fromme, Philippe Duffour, Yun Bai (University College London, UK)

17:00 Refreshments, posters, exhibition and networking               
Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining’s Cementitious Materials Committee

17:45 CLOSE OF DAY 1

Conference Dinner

18:45                   Departure of coach to the Royal Armouries from outside Storm Jameson Court

19:30                   Drinks reception in Tournament Gallery, Royal Armouries



Tuesday 13 September 2022

Chair: Prof. Yun Bai

08:45    (23) Thermochemistry of kaolinite dehydroxylation to “metakaolin”
Zhili Ren, Fabien Georget, John Provis, Alexander Pisch, Thomas Matschei, Theodore Hanein (University of Sheffield, UK)

09:00    (24) Comparing the effects of mechanochemical and thermal activations for improving the pozzolanic reactivities of clay and minerals
Vahiddin Alperen Baki, Xinyuan Ke, Andrew Heath, Juliana Calabria-Holley (University of Bath, UK)

09:15    (25) Fresh state properties of low clinker cement made of excavated London Clay from tunnelling operations
Yuvaraj Dhandapani, Suraj Rahmon, Alastair T.M. Marsh, Fragkoulis Kanavaris, Athina Papakosta, Martin Liska, Franco Zunino, Karen Scrivener, Wolf Wichmann, Apostolos Tsoumelekas, Susan A. Bernal (University of Leeds, UK)

09:30    (26) Utilisation of calcined palygorskite clay in cementitious system
Sree Nanukuttan, Mark Russell, Jonathan Little, Geoff Davis (Queen's University Belfast, UK)

09:45    (27) The effect of clay impurities on the rheological properties and early hydration of calcined clay-limestone cement
Tafadzwa Ronald Muzenda, Fabien Georget, Thomas Matschei (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

10:00    (28) Mechano-chemically and thermally activated montmorillonite clays as precursors for alkali-activated cements production
Sreejith Krishnan, Alastair Marsh, Susan Bernal Lopez (University of Leeds, UK)

10:15 Refreshments, posters, exhibition and networking (room 1.06, Clarendon Building)

Chair: Prof. Jørgen Skibsted

10:45    (29) The effects of Si/Al ratios on the moisture transport properties of metakaolin geopolymers
Xinyuan Ke, Lorena Skevi, Vahiddin Alperen Baki (University of Bath, UK)

11:00    (30) Geopolymer cements for immobilisation of radioactive liquid organic wastes
Jess McWilliams, Daniel Geddes, Martin Hayes, Samantha Irving (University of Sheffield, UK; National Nuclear Laboratory)

11:15    (31) Encapsulation of Fe-DBP in cementitious products
Alexander Potts, Gavin Cann, Samantha Irving, Richard Blackham (National Nuclear Laboratory, UK)

11:30    (32) Assessment of Microstructure During Leaching of Geopolymers in UK-Based Synthetic Groundwater
Charlotte Nevin, Daniel A. Geddes, John L. Provis, Brant Walkley (University of Sheffield, UK)

11:45    (33) Performance of calcined low-grade kaolinitic clay as a partial cement substitute in mortar: A comparative study with fly ash
Kwabena Boakye, Morteza Khorami, Eshmaiel Ganjian, Mark Tyrer, Andrew Dunster, Ahmad Ehsani, Messaoud Saidani (Coventry University, UK; Concrete Corrosion Tech Ltd.; Geomaterials and Geochemistry Consulting Scientist; BRE; University of Greenwich)

12:00    (34) Modelling the hydrating behaviour of fly-ash in blended cements using thermodynamics
Nikki Maria Shaji, Niall Holmes, Mark Tyrer (Technological University Dublin, Ireland)

12:15 Lunch, posters, exhibiton and networking (room 1.06, Clarendon Building)

Chair: Prof. Chris Cheeseman

13:15    (35) Effect of the incorporation of spent nuclear grade ion-exchange resins on the reaction kinetics of alkali-activated slag-ash cement

María Jimena de Hita, Carlos Óscar S. Sorzano, María Criado (Instituto Eduardo Torroja de Ciencias de la Construcción (CSIC), Spain)

13:30    (36) Feasibility study of ternary cementless binders as 3D printing spraying materials

Wei-Ting Lin, Lukáš Fiala, Jan Fořt, An Cheng (National ILan University)

13:45    (37) Calibration of service life model by means of concrete resistivity measurements

Tamara Janey Chidiac, Bjorn Van Belleghem, Tim Soetens, John L. Provis (University of Sheffield, UK)

14:00    (38) Investigating the Cl-ingress performance of unconventional SCMs - the example of activated bauxite residues

Michael Wenzel, Fabien Georget, Thomas Matschei (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

14:15    (39) Interplay between sustainable cementitious materials, reinforcing bar surface conditions, and de-icers on corrosion durability of reinforced structures

Ibrahim Ogunsanya (University of Toronto, Canada)

14:30    (40)  Assessment of Cemfree alkali activated binder concrete with basalt fibre composite reinforcement for flood and coastal defence applications

Andrew Dunster, David Stewart, Marta Diez-Garcia (BRE Group, UK)

14:45     BREAK: Refreshments, Posters & Exhibition

Chair: Dr Richard Ball


15:15    (41) Legacy slags – a solution to future shortages of GGBFS in the UK?
Madeline C.S. Rihner, Alastair T.M. Marsh, Brant Walkley, Susan A. Bernal (University of Sheffield, UK; University of Leeds)

15:30    (42) Microstructure and mineralogy of cementitious systems with activated mineral wastes
Surya Maruthupandian, Napoleana Anna Chaliasou, Antonios Kanellopoulos (University of Hertfordshire, UK)

15:45    (43) Effect of microwave sintering on the immobilisation of heavy metals in lightweight aggregate manufactured from dredged silt
Li Baodong, Jian Shouwei, Bai Yun (Wuhan University of Technology)

16:00    (44) Developing circular concrete: Acid treatment of waste fines
Tiejun Ding, Christopher Cheeseman, Hong Wong (Imperial College London, UK)

16:15    (45) Valorisation of magnesium-rich industrial waste through chemically bonded ceramics
Sam Adu-Amankwah, William Wiseman, Emiliana Dvininov (University of Leeds, UK)

16:30    (46) Influence of magnesium-to-phosphate (M/P) molar ratio on the bond behaviour of GFRP bars embedded in magnesium potassium phosphate cement (MKPC) mortar
Wen Sun, Lifei Zhang, Duo Xie, Yu Zheng, Yun Bai (University College London, UK; Dongguan University of Technology; Hohai University)

16:45                   Award of Prizes and Closing Remarks (Ian Richardson)

17:00                   Close of Conference




* Posters will be on display during refreshment breaks
**Programme subject to change

displayed in room 1.06, Clarendon Building

(47)        Brazilian pioneering cement production in Latin America: Forensic trace analysis in a 19th Century cement factory
Jose A. D. M. Medeiros, Sandro Torres, William Fernandes, Ricardo Costa (Brazilian Federal Police; Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil)

(48)        Finite element modelling of early-age temperature development of in-situ concrete under variable ambient temperatures
Yaowen Tan, Kangkang Tang (Brunel University, London, UK)

(49)        Carbonation performance of ternary Portland slag-limestone mortars
Moro Sabtiwu, Yuvaraj Dhandapani, Samuel Adu-Amankwah, Susan A. Bernal (University of Leeds, UK)

(50)        Durability performance of cement-based matrices containing nano-carbon additions
Aydarus Wayrah, Antonios Kanellopoulos (University of Hertfordshire, UK)

(51)        Characterisation of Cu speciation in metal-treatment filter cake blended with Portland cement using X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Chen Danting, Julia A. Stegemann, Amitava Roy (University College London, UK)

(52)        Fabrication of granite ash paste blended with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag(GGBS) as alternative construction binder
Nurul Ain Haris, Yong Wang, Xuqing Liu (University of Manchester, UK)

(53)        Properties and performance of recycled crushed concrete pre- and post-carbonation treatment towards fully circular concrete
Ali Al-Janabi, Sam Adu-Amankwah, Leon Black (University of Leeds, UK)

(54)        Investigating the effects of varying storage conditions on oil-well cement surface mineralogy and slurry hydration
Sam Abi-Khalil, David Faux, Adam Colbourne (University of Surrey, UK; Schlumberger Cambridge Research)

(55)        Understanding reaction mechanisms, kinetics and structural evolution in low-carbon cements
Ella Cliff, Daniel A. Geddes, John L. Provis, Brant Walkley (University of Sheffield, UK)

(56)        Tumbling v. planetary ball mills for mechano-chemical activation of clays at industrial scale: can the tortoise beat the hare?
Alastair Marsh, Thomas King-Cline, Susan Bernal (University of Leeds, UK)

(57)        Turning low-grade UK clays into supplementary cementitious materials: characterisation, activation and pozzolanic reactivity evaluation
Leqing Lin, Yubin Cao, Yanru Wang, Yun Bai (University College London, UK)

(58)        Effect of strontium and caesium salts on the kinetics and mechanisms of geopolymer cement formation
Kyle O'Donoghue, Daniel Geddes, John Provis, Brant Walkley (University of Sheffield, UK)

(59)        Modelling of workability of concrete containing GGBS and water reducing admixtures using machine learning techniques
Züleyha Kanpara Cıvaş, Leon Black, Martin Liska, Emilio Garcia-Taengua (University of Leeds, UK)

(60)        Leaching behaviour of cement with Substitute Clinker Materials in deionised water
Andrea Kozlowski, Joanna Renshaw, Katherine Dobson (University of Strathclyde, UK)

(61)        The immobilisation of radioactive liquid organic wastes (RLOW) in geopolymers
Samantha Irving, Martin Hayes (National Nuclear Laboratory, UK)

(62)        Petrographic features of mixed cement and lime binders
Jennifer Murgatroyd (RSK Environment Ltd. , UK)

(63)        Characterisation of hydrothermally aged (13 years) composite cements used in the geological disposal of nuclear waste
Thomas Budd, Hong Wong, Rupert Myers, Neda Mobasher (Imperial College London, UK)

(64)        Steel slag as alternative raw material in production of cement clinker
Elijah Adesanya, Visa Isteri, Theodore Hanein, Juho Yliniemi (University of Oulu, Finland)

(65)        Carbonation resistance of calcium sulfoaluminate belite cement: Effect of gypsum addition
Vaishnav Kumar Shenbagam, Piyush Chaunsali (IIT Madras, India)

(66)        Thermodynamics of Na,K-shlykovite in the (Na,K)2O-CaO–SiO2-H2O system
Haoliang Jin, Sam Ghazizadeh, John L. Provis (University of Sheffield, UK; Mott MacDonald)

(67)        Effect of ultra-high gamma irradiation on calcium silicate hydrates
Aniruddha Baral, Elena Tajuelo Rodriguez, William A. Hunnicutt, Ercan Cakmak, Hongbin Sun, Jan Ilavsky, Yann Le Pape, Thomas M. Rosseel, Nishant Garg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Columbia University in the City of New York; Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory)