The conference will have 5 principal technology-based themes each of which is outlined below:

  • Process

  • Environment & Society

  • Plant

  • Energy

  • Industry 4.0


This year, for the first time all sessions will be available on-demand via the virtual conference platform, so you don't miss out on any content.

The Hybrid programme features a mixture of in-person and remotely delivered presentations.

All timings are displayed in British Standard Time (GMT+1).

Speaker will present in-person
Speaker will present remotely 


Monday 13 September

Welcome & Introduction 
Bob Ruddlestone, EEC Conference Organising Committee Chair

Keynote Presentations

Sheffield: City of Invention
Kate Josephs, Chief Executive, Sheffield City Council 

The global steel industry, its challenges and the role of electric steelmaking 
Dr Edwin Basson, Director General, World Steel Association

The Next Generation of Graphite Electrodes and Green Steel Production
Dr Mark Shujun Ma, Vice Chairman, China Association of Small & Medium Enterprises


10:35 Coffee Break   Coffee Break   Coffee Break
Metallurgy of EAF

Session Chair:
Richard Thackray, University of Sheffield

The Sustainability Challenge

Session Chair:
Louis Brimacombe

Industry 4.0

Session Chair:
Sophie Krahmer, PTC


Investigations on the oxygen use in EAF steelmaking by direct monitoring of the chemical melt reactions 

  Driving positive change with ResponsibleSteel    Deep learning applied to online EAF process optimisation: challenges, results and possibilities
Marc Koester (VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH)   Anne-Claire Howard (ResponsibleSteel)   Thomas Kirk (Foresight Data Machines)




11:30 Research on the physical properties of high FeO-bearing EAF slags in view point of ionic structure   Sustainability and steel industry decarbonisation: opportunities and challenges for the EAF sector   An Explainable Artificial Intelligence Approach to Seasonal Changes of Electrical Arc Furnace Production Data
Joon Sung Choi (Yonsei University)   Sarah Macnaughton (CRU International)   Adnan Husakovic (Primetals)
11:50 A novel method and online measurement system for measuring key parameters in furnace off gas   Asessing the impact of steel on society   Dynamic process control for energy efficiency improvement at an EAF with DRI feeding
Hans Georg Conrads (tripleS GbR)   Clare Broadbent (Worldsteel)   Bernd Kleimt (VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut)
12:10 Thermodynamics of refractory-slag-metal multiphase equilibria for the optimization of EAF process: Better foamability and longer lining life   Ensuring compliance with legislation in regard to worker health protection in steel and metalworking    Industry 4.0 Digitisation of the Normanton Steel Plant at the Materials Processing Institute
Joohyun Park (Hangyang University)   Tina Conroy (Pragma)   Alan Taylor (Materials Processing Institute)
12:30 Panel Session   Circular Electric Steelmaking for 2050   Monitoring and control of EAF process through KPI’s approach with self learning strategies for autocalibration and autoadaptation of process control rules
    Lucy Smith (Materials Processing Institute)     Piero Frittella (Feralpi Siderrurgica)
12:50     Panel Session   Panel Session
13:00 Lunch & Exhibtion   Lunch & Exhibtion   Lunch & Exhibtion
Refractory and Synth Slag

Session Chair:
John Twiselton

Process Environmental Challenges

Session Chair:
Laura Baker, Iron & Steel Group

Industry 4.0

Session Chair:
Chris Oswin, Materials Processing Institute

14:20 Value Creation of Several MgO Sources including Dolime for EAF Application   Implications of H2 DRI on EAF Steelmaking   Optimizing Production Expansion Planning at NLMK Indiana Using Dynamic Simulation
Eric Perrin (Lhoist S.A.)   Dr Sara Hornby (Global Strategic Solutions)   Russell Sindrey (Hatch)
14:40 Properties of Taphole Refractories and their Effect on EAF Taphole Performance   Material Efficiency, cost and Environmental Improvements through Pelletising of Light Scrap   Optimization of steelmaking production by digitizing Expert Know-How in a Digital Assistant.
Sean Carden (Vesuvius)   Sarah Hinton (Outokumpu Stainless)   Andreas Rohrhofer (Primetals Technologies)
15:00 Lime Injection - A step towards safety, cost optimisation, and productivity   A UK-wide solution for the recovery of zinc from electric steelmaking waste   Connected Worker use-cases in Steel Production'
Sanjeev Manocha (Carmeuse Coordination Center)   Michael Capstick (Materials Processing Institute)   Paul Haimes (PTC)
15:20 Laser OES - How fast, sample preparation free enables in-situ process  management for EAF and LF   Recycling of Industrial and Municipal Waste as Slag    EAF Optimization Technology for Stainless Steel Production with Dynamic Model Applications
Alexander Schlemminger (QuantoLux GmbH)   Johan Bjorkvall (Swerim AB)   Emmanuel Placier (AMI Automation)
15:40 Panel Session   Panel Session   Panel Session
15:50 Coffee Break   Coffee Break   Coffee Break
Raw Materials Optimisation

Session Chair:
Mike Walsh, m2sventures

Circular Economy Solutions

Session Chair:
Alan Scholes, Materials Processing Institute


Session Chair:
Ed Heath-Whyte, Liberty Group

16:10 Research and Development to Enable the Conversion of Low Quality Scrap into High Quality Steel in the UK   Sustainable Management of Resources - Integrating Recovery into the Product Design Stage   Renewable energy impact on management of high energy consumers 
Zushu Li (University of Warwick)   Tony Hartwell (Sustainable Materials Enginerering Ltd)   Patrick Avis & Trevor Rhodes (Marble Energy)
16:30 Charge Optimization to Mitigate Envrionmental and Residuals' Impact in EAF Steelmaking    Decarbonising the the DRI  Feed for EAF Using H2   Energy system requirements of fossil-free steelmaking using hydrogen direct reduction
Dr Sara Hornby (Global Strategic Solutions Inc)   Richard Birley (Materials Processing Institute)   Andrew Pimm (University of Leeds)
16:50 Benefits of Using Ore-Based Metallic Raw Materials Instead of Scrap for Steel Porduction in Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF)   Panel Session   Hydrogen-Ready Energy-Efficent Technologies for EAF Steelmaking
Musa Atas (SGS Turkey)       Joachim von Scheele (Linde Plc)
17:20 Panel Session   Panel Session   Panel Session
17:30 Drinks Reception
Tuesday 14 September
New Plant and Technology

Session Chair:
John Twiselton

Site Energy Management

Session Chair:
Richard Thackray, University of Sheffield

Process Modelling

Session Chair:
Chris McDonald, Materials Processing Institute

9:00 The future of electric steelmaking – Is the all-in-one solution existing? The adaptible and efficient EAF   Pathways to Net Zero EAF Steelmaking - Challenges to Ambition   Dynamic EAF Process Model - Development and Applications
Hannes Beile (tripleS GbR)   Ed Heath-Whyte (Liberty)   Thomas Hay (RWTH Aachen University)
9:20 Experience with the operation and maintenance of the Spray-Cooled™ EAF Roof at Ovako Hofors designed and manufactured by Systems Spray-Cooled Inc.   Renewable electrical power and energy storage for EAF steel production   Auto-calibration of model parameters for long-term reliability of process control along the electric steelmaking route
Markus Abel (tripleS GbR)   Richard Birley (Material Processing Institute)   Bernd Kleimt (VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH)
9:40 Development of EAF injector and burner control based on on-line optical emission spectroscopy   We are on the edge of an ELECTRIFICATION era: is INDUSTRY prepared?   Water and Numerical Modelling of Flat Bath Operation Consteel® Furnace with Electromagnetic Stirring 
Matti Aula (Luxmet Ltd)   Silvia Maddedu (University of Sheffield)   Lidong Teng (ABB Metallurgy)
10:00 Panel Session   Panel Session   Panel Session
10:15 Coffee Break   Coffee Break   Coffee Break
Plant Enhancement Technologies

Session Chair:
Leon Barker, Liberty Steel Group

Melting Energy

Session Chair:
Scott Jackson, Liberty Steel Group

Industry 4.0: Systems Integration

Session Chair:
Rosie Hines, Tata Steel

11:00 Operational results of HTT Oxymo TM burners / oxygen injectors with moving oxy-fuel flame and supersonic jets in EAF of Stahl- und Walzwerk Marienhütte    Q-ONE, power electronics controlling energy transfer to Electric Arc Furnace   Refractory lifetime management using machine learning
Jaroslav Brhel (HTT Engineering spol. s r.o.)   Enrico Plazzogna (Danieli Automation S.P.A)   Gregor Lammer (RHI Magnesita)
11:20 Danieli Digimelter Eco-Pro: Design for Future   Optimization of the Electric Arc Furnace Process for Operations at a Single Electrical Power Level   Improved material efficiency utilizing cloud-based novel tools for on-line supervision of EAF raw-material properties
Mike Knights (Danieli)   Jesus Hernandez (TU Dortmund)   Erik Sandberg (Swerim AB)
11:40 ILTEC Technology - New pathways towards safe and effective cooling   Early Detection of Deviations in Charge Material Properties and Adjustment for Optimal Scrap Useage in the EAF   Precise Temperature Control with Artificial Intelligence 
Hans Krassnig (Mettop)   Bernd Kleimt (VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut)   Tim Wessels (Smart Steel Technologies GmbH)
12:00 Improved Slag Detection During Tapping of EAF Vessels   Panel Session   Towards dynamic modeling of the EAF process
Peter Unwin (AMETEK Land)       Matti Aula (Luxmet Ltd)
12:20 Panel Session   Lunch & Exhibition   Panel Session
12:30 Lunch & Exhibtion       Lunch & Exhibtion

The Steel plant of the future: How to achieve Net Zero 
SUSTAIN Workshop (2 hours) 

Richard Curry

14:00  Development of the Global Steel Industry        
14:00 Steelmaking Innovation in North America (Realities & Myths of EAF Transition        
  James Moss (First River)        
14:20 European Steel Developments        
  Mike Walsh (m2sventures)        
14:40  Development of the UK Steel Industry        
  Chris McDonald (Materials Processing Institute)        

The ASEAN Steel Industry: COVID Impact & Industry Developments

  Mr. Yeoh Wee Jin (SEAISI)        
15:20  Panel Session        
15:35 Closing Remarks        
  Laura Baker (IOM3 Iron and Steel Group Chair)        
15:45 Conference Close        
Drinks Reception 
Cutlers Hall
Gala Dinner

Welcome Speech 
Nicholas D O Williams TD DL.
Master Cutler

The dress code for the Gala Dinner is business attire

Cutlers Hall
Wednesday 15 September

Individual plant visits to Liberty Specialist Steels Rotherham and Materials Processing Institute will take place on Wednesday 15 September. 

Liberty Specialist Steels, Rotherham

The coach will depart from the conference venue at 09:30 BST, and will return back in Sheffield at 12:00 BST.

Delegates will see:

  • Diverse product mix serving merchant bar markets, engineering steels through to Aerospace applications.
  • Two 165t EAF units
  • Three LAF units
  • Two Vacuum tanks, one of which has VOD capability for low carbon stainless steels.
  • Ingot Casting facility
  • Two continuous casting machines – 2 strand large bloom caster and a 5 strand small bloom caster capable of both submerged and open pouring.

Materials Processing Institute

The coach will depart from the conference venue at 08.30 BST, and will return back in Sheffield at 14.30 BST. Lunch will be provided.

Delegates will see:

  • Steelmaking and Casting Pilot Plant which incorporates a seven ton electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, single-strange continuous casting machine and ingot casting facilities, will also visit the modern laboratory facilities including water modelling laboratory, and forensic metallographic equipment; including state of the art electron microscopy.



Please note that the above programme may be subject to schedule changes.


The Steel Plant of the Future Workshop
Tuesday 14 September 2021

The future for steel is bright but there are many challenges ahead, including the selection of the right technology,  process improvement, ensuring high quality and availability of raw materials, finding an environmentally appropriate supply chain for wastes (including heat)  and the safeguarding/retention/sustainability of workforce and development new skills. An incorrect selection in any of these key areas could at best reduce financial success and potentially lead to the worst case scenario of closure. These challenges are compounded by the need to maintain and develop order-books for grades that may not currently be possible using certain technologies.

This workshop will focus upon the opportunities and challenges facing the European and wider Global Steel industry during its transition to a green, net-zero carbon future and explore the options that are currently available while focussing upon the gaps and hurdles along the way.

Key areas of focus that will be explored include:

  1. Energy
  2. Raw Material Sources and Circularity
  3. Technology and Process
  4. Emissions

Options, gaps and possible novel solutions will be explored in a series of parallel workshops, followed by an interactive dissemination and discussion session

Delivered by Dr. Richard Curry, SUSTAIN Future Manufacturing Hub Programme Manager