Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

29 April 2021 10am – 12pm


Packed with expert speakers, including from across the IOM3 Technical Communities, this online event and view-in-advance session will unpack the major packaging reform consultations and explore the material-specific opportunities and challenges.

A week before the event, delegates will have access to an on-demand session unpacking the consultations on UK Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging and Introducing a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

At the event itself, delegates will hear from a host of expert speakers as they explore the consultations in greater detail and discuss the materials-specific implications. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose between metal and plastic break-out streams to dive deeper into the detail. 

Pre-event on-demand session

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In this on-demand explainer, Dr Colin Church, CEO, IOM3 is joined by IOM3 Resources Strategy Group board members Pat Jennings, Policy Knowledge & External Affairs Director, CIWM and Dr Adam Read FIMMM External Affairs Director, SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK to unpick what the UK Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and England, Wales and Northern Ireland Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) consultations mean, who will pay, the implications, and the interactions between the two sets of proposals. Register for the event to view the on-demand session on this page.

Event Session 1 Unpacking the consultations

Pat Jennings Policy, Knowledge & External Affairs Director at CIWM will take questions relating to the on-demand session. Any questions should be submitted using the form below the video by 5pm (BST) Tuesday 27 April. 

Event Session 2: A materials perspective

After an overarching materials session and introduction to modulated fees, delegates will have the opportunity to choose between a metal packaging or plastic packaging breakout stream to explore the material-specific opportunities and challenges in greater detail. Please select your preferred breakout stream when registering.

The chairs of the two sessions will share the key findings from the breakout streams as they join a panel of expert speakers also covering glass, wood and paper/board packaging. 

Event Session 3: Moving the conversation forward

Chaired by IOM3 Packaging Society Chair Jude Allan FIMMM, this session will explore hot topics within the consultations and look at the next steps. 


Welcome and introductions
Rachel Stonehouse, Policy Research Fellow, IOM3

Session 1: Unpacking the consultations

Highlights of the pre-event on-demand session and Q&A
Pat Jennings, Knowledge & External Affairs Director, CIWM | IOM3 Resources Strategy Group

Session 2: A Materials Perspective
Chair: Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director, SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK | IOM3 Resources Strategy Group

Overarching materials view – achieving a system that works for everyone
Paul Vanston, Chief Executive, The Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment (INCPEN)

Stream 1: Metal Packaging    
Stream 2: Plastic Packaging
Chair: Dr Robert Fell
Director and Chief Executive
Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association
    Chair: Dr Sally Beken
UK Circular Plastics Network Manager
KTN | IOM3 Polymer Group

Steel producer & reporcessor perspective
Nicola Jones
Steel Packaging Recycling Manager
Tata Steel

EPR for plastic packaging – an overview 
Mike Swain
Managing Director
Pack IDS Ltd. | IOM3 Packaging Society

Aluminium packaging
Dr Mike Clinch
Senior Consultant & Materials Development Group Leader
Innoval Technology Limited | IOM3 Light Metals Division

Key directions for EPR in plastics -design and PCR
Professor Edward Kosior, Managing Director, Nextek | NEXTLOOPP

Metal packaging manufacturer perspective
Elaine Barrett
European Environmental Manager

The merits (or otherwise) of the approach to biodegradable packaging
Danielle Purkiss, Research Fellow, UCL Plastic Waste Innovation Hub

Metal: Dr Robert Fell, Director and Chief Executive, MPMA

Plastic: Dr Sally Beken, UK Circular Plastics Network Manager, KTN

Glass:  Dr Nick Kirk, Technical Director, British Glass

Paper/board: Dr Sarah Connolly

Wood: Dr Graham Ormondroyd, Bangor University | IOM3 Wood Technology Society

Session 3: Hot topics/moving the conversation forward

Chair: Jude Allan, Chair, IOM3 Packaging Society

Consumer facing labelling  

Dr Margaret Bates, Executive Director, OPRL Ltd | IOM3 Packaging Society

End-user perspective

Niall Walker, Packaging Sustainability Manager, Global Procurement, Diageo


IOM3 CEO Dr Colin Church FIMMM CEnv CRWM MCIWM says, ‘These consultations represent a concrete step in addressing some of the issues surrounding the production, use and end of life management of packaging and will have significant implications for many of our members and the organisations in which they work. IOM3 welcomes this evidence of continued efforts to implement wider policy contexts in the four nations of the UK aiming to improve how we manage our resources and minimise waste. I strongly encourage members with an interest to get in touch so that we can use their expertise to inform the contribution that IOM3 will be making to Government.’

To find out more about the consultations, click here and to contribute your expertise to the IOM3 responses, contact [email protected]