Elastomers in Space


This webinar will focus on the use of elastomers and elastomeric-like materials for Space applications. These are particularly important when designing space craft for himan habitation, where a controlled atmosphere has to be maintained and severe accelerations have to be damped.

This event will specifically discuss and address the issues of using a elastomer materials in space. These materials are known to exhibit dramatic changes in behaviour below their glass transition temperature, when subjected to radiation and in zero atmosphere conditions. These issues can present the designer with real challenges when trying to design sealing systems or flexible vibration damping systems for use in space applications.

The IOM3 Elastomer Group's Afternoon Technical Discussion Meeting (ATDM) is the main platform for the technical and scientific community in the UK to discuss the use of rubber and elastomers materials. Utilising elastomeric materials under these types of extreme condition will be of interest to a broad range of the IOM3 membership.

Three take away benefits for participants attending this event:

  1. Learn about how elastomer materials behave under extreme conditions or radiation, low temperature and low pressure
  2. Learn about the strategies developed to formulate elastomers that can operate under these conditions
  3. Learn how elastomers can be used to support the future exploration of the solar system by humans

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