Elastomer Use in Sustainable Energy Generation

19 March 2021 1.30pm – 4pm


This afternoon technical discussion meeting (ATDM) examines the use of advanced elastomer materials in sustainable energy generation. The demand for low carbon emitting energy technologies is rising, creating new technical challenges for elastomer materials that must be overcome to meet emissions targets. During this afternoon, both new specifications of elastomer materials and new characterisation techniques will be discussed.


You will hear from:

  • Dr Ashley Johnson, Scientific Advisor, Schlumberger Cambridge

    Research on Geothermal Energy - Why do we need it? How do we get it?

    The role of geothermal energy as a key element in any sustainable energy strategy providing base power and network stability will be discussed. There are challenges of drilling into heterogeneous very hard but heavily fractured formations. Sophisticated tools and hardware are needed to ensure conduits do go in the right place.  Temperatures are well above 200°C and pressures are up to 100 MPa, both of which create extreme performance requirements for the elastomers used.  
  • Professor Christopher Bowen, Professor of Materials, University of Bath

    Elastomeric materials for energy and harvesting applications

    The presentation provides an overview of the application of elastomer materials for energy and harvesting applications. This will include potential for use in dielectric elastomer generators and piezoelectric systems for conversion of mechanical motion into electrical power. Aspects related to materials design will be considered, for example the impact of permittivity, dielectric breakdown, and stiffness on performance and consideration to development of composite based materials. Aspects related to self-healing of properties will also be explored, such for recovery of dielectric properties after being subjected to conditions high electrical stress

  • Tom McKay, Associate Consultant (Mechanical Engineering), TTI Ltd on Inflatable elastomer membrane structures for wave energy devices
  • Presenter from James Walker and Co on elastomer seals in gearboxes on wind turbines


13:30   Introduction by Julien Ramier & James Busfield
13:45   Speaker 1
14:15   Speaker 2
14:45   Speaker 3
15:15   Speaker 4
16:00   End

There will be a Q&A Session after each speaker.