Photo Competition

A new photo competition for IOM3 student and early career members on materials, minerals and mining.

A new competition for student and early career members to showcase their photography skills.

The theme for the 2023 Photo Competition is 'Materials, Minerals & Mining in... A Sustainable Future'.

Entries will be invited in three categories (materials, minerals and mining) and participants may submit only one entry per category. 

A panel of judges will assess entries for each category. The winners will be invited to attend and showcase their entries at the SECG Future Materials, Minerals & Mining Conference on 12 December.

Photo Competition categories

SEC Photo comp - Materials.jpg

Category A: Materials

For the best photo on Materials in a Sustainable Future.

SEC Photo comp - MInerals.jpg

Category B: Minerals

For the best photo on Minerals in a Sustainable Future.

SEC Photo comp - Mining.jpg

Category C: Mining

For the best photo on Mining in a Sustainable Future.


  • The competition is open to IOM3 Student & Early Career* members only.
  • Entrants may not be involved in any part of the judging process.

*The Institute defines 'early career' as meaning someone who is, as of 1 September 2023 (and allows for career breaks, e.g. parental leave):

-within 10 years of the start of their first employment (or self-employment) in a materials, minerals or mining related role, or

-within 6 years of completing their PhD (in a relevant subject), whichever is sooner.

*Note - the 10 years from the start of first employment would not normally include any apprenticeships (or equivalent training scheme).


Photo specifications

  • Minimum height: 297mm 
  • Minimum width: 210mm
  • 300dpi



  • All entries must be in digital format.
  • The entrant's name or other logos must not appear anywhere on the actual image.
  • Entries must be accompanied by a short summary (max. 100 words).
  • All elements of the work submitted must originate by the entrant.
  • Although some retouching may be applied, a significant majority of the final image must remain as shot.
  • Work submitted must not have previously been entered or placed in any other competition.


  • The copyright of all images remains with the originator. No copyright is transferred in respect of any images entered.
  • By submitting an image, you agree that IOM3 can display and publish any of the images for a period of two years crediting the copyright holder.
  • Successful entries will be reproduced and may be used in various activities in connection with the Photo Competition, which may include the website, social media, Institute publications or events. By entering the Photo Competition, entrants agree to their photographs being used for publicity purposes.
  • Entrants must have permission from any client and/or employer to submit the images. The entrant shall be deemed to warrant that they own the entire copyright in the work. 
  • The entrant undertakes to indemnify the organisers and their partners and sponsors of the Photo Competition in respect of any breach of the above warranty.

Judging panel

Entries for all categories will be judged by members of the IOM3 Student & Early Career Committee, Communications, Editorial and Content teams.