Funding for students

EMMS wish to encourage students in the area to become members of IOM3, to attend our meetings and take a broad interest in materials. We have therefore been able to allocate a limited fund to sponsor a number of students in the area to become members of IOM3 and also attend conferences. Find out more about funding for students to attend conferences here

Also, students from the East Midlands region who attend EMMS technical meetings can apply to have their membership renewals paid by EMMS. Poster with details and application form attached below. 

This applies to full-time students (including postgraduates) attending universities and other tertiary educational institutions in the area.

We will also pay travel expenses for students attending meeting away from their own university or college - see claim for attached below for details.

Contact the secretary Dave Evetts or approach any member of the committee at one of our events for further details.


IOM3 Fees: EMMS will sponsor fees for up to 10 undergraduate and 10 graduate memberships to attendees at each student evening. We will also sponsor students who attend at least two meetings in the season (excluding the social event). EMMS will also fund postgraduate students who wish to renew their membership provided they have attended one EMMS student evening or two other technical meetings in the previous 12 months and signed the attendance sheet (this will be checked). Applications should be made to the Honorary Secretary, Dave Evetts ( with their renewal request or their membership number if the renewal request is not available.

Please note that we do not fund IOM3 membership at the post-doctoral level, but obviously hope that they continue to renew their membership.  

We are pleased to be able to part-fund local students to attend conferences, either in the UK or abroad, which can be in addition to funding provided from other sources including the IOM3. The following conditions apply:

  1. The number of awards in any one year will be 8 maximum.
  2. £200 maximum funding.
  3. No more than three awards to any one institution in any one period
  4. Only applicable to undergraduate or postgraduate students
  5. Qualifying meetings –normally 2 in last 12 months, verifiable on attendance sheets.
  6. Students shall be IOM3 members
  7. Supporting statement from student’s supervisor
  8. Acknowledge support and report, including photos, for website.

Submit applications electronically to the Hon Secretary, Dave Evetts. Follow link to see conference reports from students who have benefitted from funding.

Attendance at Meetings: We will pay car expenses at 20p/mile for any student to travel off-campus to one of our meetings (excluding social events) provided at least one other student travels in the same car and attend the meeting.

Please note that the Society has only limited funding for all of the above, and we may have to close this offer if demand exceeds the available funding.


Documents for download: