CubeSat: Past, present and future

14 Oct 2020

Student Evening*  and a talk by Chantal Cappelletti, Nottingham University

Since early nineties CubeSat standard is revolutionising the idea of Space mission. From the first academic projects, where this small satellite was used to train university students, CubeSat applications increased so fast to be now used as reliable system for Mars and Moon missions. World-wide coverage at low costs is now the objectives of the so-called Mega-constellations designed by new private companies. 

But what is a CubeSat and how it is changing the future of space missions? 

This talk will give you an overview of the past, present and future CubeSat missions pointing the attention to the added values of this relatively new standard. An overview of the small satellite market and future applications will help to emphasize the concept of CubeSat as a standard to change our approach to space.

*A short talk about IOM3, relevant to sutdents, will be given before the main talk. “East Midlands Students – Free IOM3 membership if you attend!


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