Structural power: an emerging technology from the defence sector

13 Nov 2012

The Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), in partnership with The Functional Materials Division and Defence, Safety and Security Committee of The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and the Aerospace, Aviation and Defence KTN, are offering a free one day workshop to consider the challenges in making structural power a commercial reality.

Structural power has the potential of offering power through storage in the structure of a device. As alternatives to traditional batteries are being sought in order to save weight and improve efficiency the use of the structure in order to store power is being seen as very attractive and is being extensively researched in defence and security as well as other areas such as automotive and aerospace.

This event will outline the current technologies relating to the harvesting of energy through thermoelectrics and other methods of power generation such as smart elastomers before considering its storage and management. We will also consider the importance of the use of design in developing innovative technological solutions.

There will be the opportunity to discuss the current state of the technology and what the challenges are that need to be addressed to move the technology to a commercial readiness.

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Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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