Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the updating of knowledge and skills, and development of the personal qualities necessary to sucessfully fulfil the professional, managerial and technical responsibilities throughout a practitioner's career. CPD is the continuation of professional development undertaken when initially qualifying - this is called Initial Professional Development or IPD. The scope of CPD is very broad and in general terms falls into the following categories:

1. Extending technical expertise beyond initial specialisation

2. Re-training in a new technical field

3. Developing an awareness of compliance issues such as health and safety and COSHH

4. Developing management and soft skills including finance and accounting, foreign language capabilities, and critical thinking

This list is by no means complete; there are many other ways to undertake quality and meaningful CPD.

CPD opportunities offered by IOM3

The Institute offers and supports a significant number of such opportunities including:

  • Conferences and seminars run by IOM3 and external organisations.
  • Local society events. Full details on the programmes being hosted by IOM3 local societies and technical groups is available elsewhere on this site.
  • Work-based learning activities such as project and development work; the design of products or processes; or modifications to ones that already exist.
  • Open learning courses and self-directed learning.
  • Supporting the learning of others e.g. by being a company-based mentor, lecturing to students or at an Institute event, or being an IOM3 membership assessor.
  • Producing written material for general or peer reviewed publications, websites or lectures.
  • Institute publications, which are a valuable source of information and learning.
  • Participation in professional electronic media such as LinkedIn discussions and webinars.

The Institute approves various events for CPD purposes and these carry the Institute's 'PD Approved' logo. 

Please let us know if you think that an activity should be approved by the Institute.


The Institute recommends that each member undertakes a programme of personal development of no less than 35 hours each year. For members registered with the Engineering Council. Science Council and the Society for the Environment, this is a mandatory requirement, with each practitioner being liable to submit their CPD record upon request from IOM3.

Recording PD and CPD

Members are allowed to track and record their Professional Development in a way that best suits them.

IOM3 now has a new online system for recording PD and CPD - provided via the Engineering Council's mycareerpath software, used by many other professional engineering institutions.

To access your own mycareerpath account, log in to the IOM3 website via the Member Login link (top right of any web page) and go to your Member Profile. In the list of "MY PERSONAL LINKS" in the right hand column, follow the link to "PD record on mycareerpath". This software is available to IOM3 members only.

For more information about CPD, please contact us via our online enquiry form.