• Journal of the month.....was a success!

    Each month we feature a key journal, lifting restrictions on content to make it freely available to all, and providing additional insights into the team behind the journal, its history, and its content. In July, the Journal of the Energy Institute was Maney's journal of the month. If you've not yet taken advantage of our free content for Journal of the Energy Institute you have until 15 August to do so.
  • Smashed up bricks

    Durable brick waste

    Clay Technology magazine
    Replacing Portland cement with 20% ceramic waste powder could lead to superior and durable concrete for building applications, due to its pozzolanic properties.
  • Materials Science & Engineering Special Issues

    Journals in the Materials Science & Engineering collection regularly publish special issues focusing on topics of current interest. Information about special issues is posted on the individual journal homepage and the Materials Science & Engineering Spotlight. Find out about our forthcoming Special Issues here...
  • New Taranis combat aircraft thunders into view

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    A prototype unmanned combat aircraft of the future, Taranis, has been unveiled by the MOD
  • Keynote Speaker - Dr Dan Kells, BAE Systems

    Materials issues in defence and security

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The Welding and Joining Society hosted the Materials Technical Group Meeting on 9 June 2010 at TWI Cambridge Conference Centre and captured some of the ongoing issues and latest developments, initiatives centred in Defence and Security through presentations and discussions.
  • Adhesion Society announces 2011 Annual Meeting, Conference and Short Course

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    Details of the Adhesion Society Inc.'s 2011 Annual Meeting, Short Course and Conference [Call for Papers] are now available.
  • New Vice-Chair for the SAA

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    Jim Palmer has very recently been appointed new Vice-Chair of the SAA.
  • Macro2010: Polymers in Adhesives

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    The programme and the registration documentation for the symposium on adhesives at Macro2010 (15 July, 2010) are now available.
  • World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena [WCARP IV]

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    The programmes comprising the full oral and keynote presentations are now available, together with the registration form.
  • Staircase

    Stepping up with polymers - staircase development

    Materials World magazine
    A staircase construction technique that uses blocks made of polystyrene and a polyurethane coating filled with concrete could lead to a made-to-measure alternative to heavy concrete steps according to its inventors.