• Macro2010: Polymers in Adhesives

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    The programme and the registration documentation for the symposium on adhesives at Macro2010 (15 July, 2010) are now available.
  • World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena [WCARP IV]

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    The programmes comprising the full oral and keynote presentations are now available, together with the registration form.
  • Staircase

    Stepping up with polymers - staircase development

    Materials World magazine
    A staircase construction technique that uses blocks made of polystyrene and a polyurethane coating filled with concrete could lead to a made-to-measure alternative to heavy concrete steps according to its inventors.
  • IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2010 winners

    The Institute has announced the 2010 winners of its Medals and Prizes.
  • Materials Science & Engineering Spotlight

    Maney Publishing is the official publisher for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM 3 ). IOM 3 members have free online access to the Institute’s refereed journals via Ingenta. View this article to find out more about our journals in the Materials Science & Engineering collection.
  • Fundamentals of Adhesion and Adhesives symposium report

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    A full report on the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives/BASA one-day symposium on Fundamentals of Adhesion and Adhesives held at the Society of Chemical Industry in London on 15 April 2010
  • An inside job – automotive interiors

    Materials World magazine
    The use of natural and recycled materials has increased significantly in the automotive industry, with a range of interior components being incorporated into vehicle models.
  • Inner tile layers with chicken eggshells

    Stepping on eggshells

    Clay Technology magazine
    Scientists at Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia, have transformed eggshell waste to create recyclable tiles suitable for decoration and design that may provide an alternative to ceramic tiles. The EPoSTi tile is formed of polymer and crushed chicken eggshells.
  • Driving forward with cellulosic fibres

    Wood Focus magazine
    Replacing the glass fibres in sheet moulding compound (SMC) automotive parts with natural wood or plant cellulosic fibres is the focus of research at the College of Forest Resources, Mississippi State University, USA. The team claims this will reduce the cost of vehicle components, as well as improve their environmental credentials by employing a lighter weight, non-petroleum based, biodegradable and organic component.
  • The material absorbing crack energy

    Ceramics toughen up

    Clay Technology magazine
    A building material that could lead to less brittle, crack resistant, ceramics has been developed by researchers at The University of Manchester, UK, after observing the properties and behaviour of nacre, which compromises calcium carbonate and proteins.