• Inner tile layers with chicken eggshells

    Stepping on eggshells

    Clay Technology magazine
    Scientists at Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia, have transformed eggshell waste to create recyclable tiles suitable for decoration and design that may provide an alternative to ceramic tiles. The EPoSTi tile is formed of polymer and crushed chicken eggshells.
  • Driving forward with cellulosic fibres

    Wood Focus magazine
    Replacing the glass fibres in sheet moulding compound (SMC) automotive parts with natural wood or plant cellulosic fibres is the focus of research at the College of Forest Resources, Mississippi State University, USA. The team claims this will reduce the cost of vehicle components, as well as improve their environmental credentials by employing a lighter weight, non-petroleum based, biodegradable and organic component.
  • The material absorbing crack energy

    Ceramics toughen up

    Clay Technology magazine
    A building material that could lead to less brittle, crack resistant, ceramics has been developed by researchers at The University of Manchester, UK, after observing the properties and behaviour of nacre, which compromises calcium carbonate and proteins.
  • Research Councils UK - ENERGY - For a Low Carbon Future

    Energy Programme – CAS Call for Collaborative Research with China on Solar Cells, Solar Fuels and Fuel Cells

    Energy Materials Group
    The Research Councils UK Energy Programme wishes to develop collaborative projects between the UK and China in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in the field of solar cells, solar fuels and fuel cells.
  • Dr Afsaneh Rabiei with the metal foam implant

    Metal mimics bone

    Materials World magazine
    A metal foam that exhibits similar modulus of elasticity to bone is said to have been developed, according to researchers in the USA. The material could be used in a new generation of biomedical implants for load-bearing areas, preventing the rejection that often results from more rigid implant materials such as titanium.
  • TWI Workshop on the Adhesive Bonder Syllabus

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    The next TWI Workshop on the Adhesive Bonder syllabus is on 27 to 29 April 2010
  • Top 10 papers for materials science and engineering journals freely available online

    Maney Publishing
    Top 10 papers for journals within the materials science and engineering collection are freely available online in 2010. The collections represent the best articles published in the journal over the last five years, with some of which receiving a publication award from the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. The top 10 were selected for their presentation of outstanding new research and valuable reviews of the field. Articles are available for free through individual journal websites, or at the Maney Material Science & Engineering Spotlight.
  • Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) launch, December 2009

    Energy Materials Group
    The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) led by the University of Sheffield with Rolls-Royce and supported by the University of Manchester will be based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield.
  • Jumping ahead at BAE

    Materials World magazine
    Show jumper by night and materials engineer by day, Danielle Burrows straddles both areas comfortably. The engineer at BAE Systems’ site in Blackburn, UK, chats to Rupal Mehta about how her unflappable attitude towards new challenges and pressures has helped her settle into her job with no previous materials background.
  • Recession or recovery?

    The road to recovery

    Materials World magazine
    The UK economy is said to have clawed its way out of its deepest recession since the 1930s, but are we out of the woods yet? Gary Price talks to representatives from various technical communities about the difficult financial year that has passed and what may lie ahead.