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The British Composites Society
24 Dec 2014

Welcome to the first newsletter from The British Composites Society, a Division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

This newsletter will aim to bring you updates on the activities of The British Composites Society, IOM3 and the wider composites community. We hope that you will find it useful and informative and we would welcome any feedback, ideas for content or news from our membership that would be of interest to other members, so please feel free to get in touch.

In this newsletter we outline some of the recent news from The British Composites Society and bring to your attention some forthcoming events and relevant reports that have been published.
We are also keen to know how we can generate more value for your membership, for example:

  • Materials World content 
  • British Composites Society microsite content 
  • More PRC:ME papers 


Please do not hesitate to get in touch and tell us what you would like to see more of.
We hope that this newsletter is of interest to you now, and will continue to be more so in future editions.


Ebby Shahidi

Chairman, The British Composites Society

Composites News

ICMAC 2015

ICMAC 2015 will be held in Bristol in June 2015. This international conference will address the following topic areas.

  • Assembly and Metrology - acknowledging that composite components are assembled into larger and more complex structures  
  • Automation - covering both AFP/ATL and flexible automation approaches 
  • Design for Manufacture in Composites - including related areas such as cost modelling 
  • Factories of the Future - including manufacturing sustainability and waste recovery 
  • Skills and Training issues - including the development of effective supply chains 


Find out more at

Multiscale discontinuous composites unravelled

Dr Soraia Pimenta leads research into a new family of composites.

Self-healing composites inkjet printed

Simon Frost talks to Dr Patrick Smith about a new advance in self-healing materials.  

Industry Affiliate Scheme

The Institute has run a corporate membership programme call the Industry Affiliate Scheme (IAS) for over 15 years now. The IAS has recently been revamped and full details of the benefits of membership can be found at

PRC:ME New Issue

The new issue of Plastics, Rubber and Composites has just been published and includes the papers:

  • Strain response and damage modelling of glass/epoxy pipes under various stress ratios by M. S. Abdul Majid*, A. G. Gibson, M. Hekman, M. Afendi and N. A. M. Amin 
  • Effects of stitch density and stitch thread thickness on mode II delamination properties of Vectran stitched composites by J. Herwan*, A. Kondo, S. Morooka and N. Watanabe 


IOM3 members have free online access to papers published in this journal via

Featured Events

ICMAC 2015 - 24-25 June 2015, Bristol Science Centre, Bristol, UK

The International Conference on Manufacturing Advanced Composites will be held in Bristol over two days on the 24-25 of June 2015. The aim of the conference is to provide a forum where all those interested in composites manufacturing from the academic and industrial worlds can meet to interact and discuss their common interests. Further information can be found at

CompIC 2015 - 3 February 2015, The Park Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

An international conference and networking opportunity for individuals working with and in the construction industry. From architects to asset owners, composite manufacturers and material suppliers to consultancies and designers, this conference is designed to introduce and educate visitors on the use of fibre reinforced composites in construction.
Run in conjunction with NetComposites’ free to attend Composites in Construction Clustering event on 4 February 2015 at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Further information can be found at


A list of composites specific jobs can be found on the NetComposites website at